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The Positive Impact of Attending Private School Online

October 19, 2020

The Positive Impact of Attending Private School Online Online learning is on the rise. With much of the world facing renewed or continued stay-at-home orders and requirements to continue social distancing, more families are exploring their options with remote education. But the ongoing global pandemic is not the only reason why online learning is an excellent option for young learners and families to consider.

There are many beneficial reasons to choose a private school online for your child. If you’re already exploring this path as a long-term solution, you likely want to know what else to expect with a private online high school. For example, there is much discussion about the mental, emotional, and social impacts of distance learning when it comes to long-term effects on children. We know many parents are concerned their child will miss in-person interaction with teachers and classmates; but we also understand how some believe the social interactions are richer and more valuable with a tailored online curriculum. 

You want to make sure your child receives an excellent education. You want to ensure your child’s safety. You also want this to be the right fit for your family – a way of providing a quality experience for your student. Is online learning the right path? Read on, as we explore some of the positive effects of attending a private school online.

1. Teachers Who Understand Technology

Our world is driven by technology. Now – more than ever before – families are focused on online learning. Not only are students gaining skills applicable to their classes – they are building on their digital skills as well. And these skills are the ones they will carry with them throughout their lives. Let’s face it: Smartphones and software are not going away any time soon.

Efficiently navigating the internet and mastering the many different platforms of digital media are valid tools for students improving their technological skills. With more and more people around the globe depending on high-tech devices, our society is becoming more tech-savvy, and it is best for our young students to get a head start on this quickly evolving world. Teachers who understand online learning, and are trained specifically in teaching through online methods, are able to educate students remotely in fresh, effective ways -- because the technology is part of their training.

2. Innovative Collaboration

To those who only know brick-and-mortar schooling, it can be hard to understand the benefit of a private school online and how students really interact with one another. In fact, online learning uses a variety of ways, including podcasts, file sharing, discussion boards, videos, and social media, to spark conversations about the coursework and other ideas relevant to the topic.

These high-tech and innovative means of sharing information are the way we communicate today, and the way we will communicate in the future, preparing students to be successful and social members of their modern society. Students working remotely are forced to collaborate in fresh ways, which activates their learning and builds comprehension and communication skills.

3. Time Management and Accountability

Having an online curriculum offers students more flexibility, and with great power comes responsibility. The access to downtime puts the responsibility of time management on the students’ shoulders. With an online school, students become accountable for their work in ways they might not otherwise.

Of course, the right private school online can prepare students and give them the tools they need to succeed. Students are given resources to help them stay on track, making sure that they fit in coursework when it makes sense. And a supportive school administration keeps them connected.

Time management is a valuable skill that will help them in their careers and personal lives for years to come. And it is a skill that many adults struggle with today. But with a focus on multitasking with busy overscheduling, it is more important now for productive citizens to have great time management skills.

4. Smarter Workforce

Attending an online, private high school means a more personalized curriculum and educational experience. Students may receive a customized learning plan and 1:1 sessions with their teachers, in combination with live classes.

This personalized experience – which can also cater to various learning styles and academic needs – can help spark a passion for learning. For some students, the classroom can hinder learning. Unlike many brick-and-mortar schools, online private schools work for the individual students and promote real learning that lasts. In fact, a Harvard University study shows that those enrolled in an online learning experiment were better able to retain information when it was broken into segments, rather than forcing the entire lecture on them in one sitting. With more students retaining more information than ever – thanks to online learning - we are working toward a smarter workforce in our society.

5. Safe & Comfortable Environment

For many high school students, a traditional school can be incredibly uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking. Learning in a classroom, in such close quarters to their peers, can spark social, behavioral, and even mental health concerns. In fact, 1 in 5 students today suffer from behavioral, emotional, or mental health disorders.

When teens of safe and stable homes can study in the comfort of their own homes, they can focus on their coursework without having to worry about their looks, their popularity, or their peers’ judgement.

Physical health is another real benefit of attending a private high school online. Head lice, “mono,” and back pain from heavy backpacks is not a concern. And of course, when a global pandemic hits, there truly is no place like home.

Time to Research

These are just a few of the many benefits of attending a private school online. There are many important factors to take into consideration. You know that a quality education is key, and now you can take some time to research this path further. When you are ready, reach out to a credible online high school that offers flexibility, support, and success for your young student.

If you are interested in learning more about the personalized programs available at Dwight Global, contact us here. We can help you with even more questions you may have about an online education.