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What Classes are Offered in Online Middle School?

September 2, 2022

For many years, online school was an educational option reserved for adult learners.

Now, online education tailored to younger students provides them with the same advantages adults have long enjoyed. More families are turning to online high school and middle school programs like those at Dwight Global Online School, in order to meet their student’s individual needs.

Online programs are a smart choice for families who seek a more customized, flexible education to accommodate family travel, pre-professional athletic or performing arts pursuits, or a desire to provide an at-home educational experience.

An established, accredited online middle school gives students the chance to experience personalized instruction, prepare for high school, and get an early jump on valuable life skills.

online middle school classes

How do online middle school classes compare to typical in-person classes? What does the curriculum look like?

Online Middle School vs. In-Person Middle School

Online middle school students study remotely, giving them the flexibility to complete coursework from home or from the road. A quality online middle school offers a challenging curriculum, a strong sense of community, high standards and requirements, and faculty and administrators experienced in online instruction.

At the highly ranked Dwight Global, sixth, seventh and eighth graders learn in faculty-led seminars, one-on-one Oxford-style tutorial sessions, and in breakout sessions with their classmates.

What Does An Online Middle School Curriculum Include?

Students in grades six through eight are developing their passion for learning. This is the time to focus on social and academic growth, and an excellent online middle school will require students to study the same courses required of middle schoolers at a top-notch traditional school.

Dwight Global follows a blended instructional model that combines a flipped synchronous seminar approach with a college-style class schedule. The model includes synchronous lessons that occur in real-time and are online, video-based, and virtual; as well as asynchronous lessons that include recorded lectures and seminars.

Students at Dwight Global study a challenging academic curriculum that is interdisciplinary, taps into each student’s passions, and prepares them for high school. In addition to core courses, which include English, math, science, and social studies, students pursue world languages and elective courses that interest them.

An example of a middle school student’s academic line up might be as follows:  English, Algebra, Earth and Environmental science, United States History, Research and Debate, Creative Coding, Visual and Performing Arts, and French, Spanish, or Mandarin language.

See Dwight Global’s full course offerings detailed at this link.

Connections Enhance Curriculum

Outside of academics, Dwight Global middle schoolers have weekly homeroom meetings, opportunities to work on their middle school projects and discuss world events, and participate in team-building activities. They also enjoy choosing from a vast array of online clubs and activities that round-out their education and help them explore new interests and experience social and emotional learning opportunities.

Dwight Global Online School middle schoolers also have the unique opportunity to travel to the many Dwight campuses around the world for in-person experiences. These include conferences, performances, competitions, and other events and activities held at Dwight schools in New York CityLondonDubaiSeoul, and Shanghai.

In autumn, Dwight Global middle school students are invited to attend in-person orientation at the New York campus. Another popular in-person event is STEAM weekend, held every winter, which brings students into the science labs for hands-on learning and out on scheduled NYC sightseeing tours and outings.

By the end of middle school, students at Dwight Global are able to navigate their education with more confidence and independence. They’ve gained many applicable skills that help them succeed at Dwight Global’s high school, or elsewhere in-person.

Middle school is a special time for growth and development of pre-teens and young teens. The best online schools offer options and solutions unavailable to previous generations, and they are successful in preparing students for high school and beyond.

To learn more about online middle school placement, contact Dwight Global.