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What is an International Online High School?

October 29, 2020

Across the world, families are exploring new options for online schooling as the global pandemic continues to affect school openings and student safety. As a result, online learning is on the rise, including international online high schools.

While there are many types of online schools, an international online high school is specifically targeted toward students who are limited by geography or other restrictions, including the financial aspects of moving countries, but whose families still desire a state-of-the-art, high-quality education. Enrolling in an American-run online school oftens gives international students a unique education that positions them for a successful future. Read on to learn why families might choose an international online high school, and how doing so can benefit them.

1. A diverse, well-rounded education. With students hailing from every region in the US, and many countries around the world, an international online high school enables students to interact with -- and learn from -- an array of students with a variety of opinions. These global, unique perspectives help students understand how to work with people from different backgrounds, and to appreciate how diverse experiences can lead to respect and improved cooperation.  With an international online high school, students can expect to read from diverse texts that address issues all over the world, and to have rigorous discussions with future global leaders.

2. A desire to improve English language fluency. For many students outside of the US, an international online high school that is US-based is an outstanding way to improve English language skills. Particularly if their local schools are taught primarily in their native language, an international online high school can introduce students to teachers and peers who communicate primarily in English, which sharpens their own language skills and can often set them apart from other candidates for future schooling and work opportunities.

3. To prepare for future studies in America. Many students from around the world come to the US for college or post-graduate work. In fact, in 2019, more than a million students at US colleges and universities came from other countries around the world. An international online high school lays the groundwork early for students aspiring to eventually take their schooling in the US, or move here for their careers in the future. Through their virtual high school, they are able to acclimate to American teachers and peers, to master learning in English, and to prepare themselves for rigorous college coursework.

4. A need for flexibility. Like any online learning program, an international online high school addresses the unique, personalized needs of every student when it comes to their schedules.  This is particularly helpful for students operating in different time zones; students who dedicate a lot of time to their passions -- whether sports or performing arts or anything in between; students who’ve previously struggled with the rigid schedules of in-person schooling for a variety of reasons. Teachers of online schools understand the various demands on students’ time, and are able to fit their teaching methods to best address every individual students’ needs.

5. Concerns about safety. During this remarkable year when the entire world attempts to manage a global pandemic, an international online high school is an excellent choice to consider for families worried about their local school’s approach to safety, particularly when it comes to COVID-19. Student safety is of utmost priority, and an online school with a proven ability to reach students no matter where they are using educational technology tools in advanced ways can mitigate many of the fears parents are facing today.

Education today is about connection, empathy, and respect, and an international online high school is an excellent option for students, no matter what their needs or where they live. 

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