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What Is Online Middle School Like?

March 6, 2022

Online education for high school, college, and adult students has rapidly become an acceptable option and even preferably option worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, online schooling has also captured the attention of many middle school parents who are weighing the advantages for their own pre-teen children.

accredited online middle school

What is online middle school?

An excellent online middle school will have a strong curriculum, program, standards, and requirements, just as an excellent brick and mortar school does.

At Dwight Global Online School, which was ranked #2 in the United States by Newsweek, seventh and eighth graders are part of a curriculum that is rigorous, imaginative, and interdisciplinary. As in a bricks and mortar school, students take world language, English, social studies, science, mathematics, and a variety of electives, including creative coding. Students learn in faculty-led seminars, in one-on-one Oxford-style tutorial sessions, and in breakout sessions with other students.

A stellar online middle school encourages and inspires students to:

  • excel in their studies and personal growth 
  • make ethical decisions
  • grow in social and emotional learning
  • look at the world with a global perspective
  • collaborate with peers and teachers 
  • join with others in building a better world
  • apply what they learn to real-world situations
  • respond to challenges with optimism, creativity, and an open mind
  • enthusiastically and empathetically pursue learning throughout their lives

Social and emotional growth is a key component of Middle School. Each Dwight Global middle schooler is a member of a small weekly advisory group, which meets with a faculty member to discuss a wide range of topics. Middle schoolers also participate in a leadership program led by the head of the middle school. After school clubs and school trips are many and varied.

Online schools like the accredited Dwight Global, which was ranked number 2 in the Americas by Newsweek in online high schools, are independent schools with a history of academic excellence, faculty experienced in online learning, high graduation rates, impressive test scores, and successful college placements worldwide.

Before you enroll your middle schooler in an online school, check the following:

  • Is the school accredited?
  • Are faculty experienced in online teaching? 
  • Does the school provide a customized curriculum?
  • Does the school include live, synchronous experiences?
  • Are courses augmented by social and academic opportunities online?
  • Is strong support available from faculty, advisories, study sessions? 
  • Are after-school clubs and extracurricular activities offered?
  • Do students have the chance to pursue leadership opportunities?
  • Are there opportunities for social and emotional learning?
  • Are in-person opportunities available throughout the school year?

Social and Emotional Learning

The best online middle schools offer plenty of opportunity for social interaction with peers and faculty, and provide emotional learning that is central to a student’s education.

At Dwight Global, students experience hands-on learning in many classes. For example, in creative coding class, students receive kits in the mail wherever they live in the world, and participate in building at home as part of their coursework.

Social opportunities abound, too, at a top notch online middle school.

“One might think that since it is an online school it might be hard to make friends and have a community,” said Beatrice Badino, an 8th grader at Dwight Global. Beatrice lives in Italy and is a top-ranked alpine ski racer.

“Instead, with all the activities, group projects, clubs, homeroom, and a lot more, I have made many friends and we chat even outside of school,” said Beatrice. “Dwight Global’s student “houses” are also a very important part of this because they encourage students to work for their assigned house and make points to help others.”

“It's almost like school on the ground,” she continued. “We Facetime and talk a lot. It is definitely hard to talk often, but that is the same for my skiing friends because we all travel all around Italy and sometimes outside Italy, too.”

Worldwide opportunities for 7th graders to meet in person

Dwight Global also provides opportunities for middle school students to travel to the other Dwight campuses: LondonDubaiSeoulShanghai, and New York City, and to interact with their peers from around the world. And each fall, an in-person orientation is held at Dwight’s New York campus.  Each winter, students come on campus for an on-person STEAM weekend.

By the end of middle school, students can navigate school with more confidence and independence. They possess increased time management skills, and explore their passions and interests with greater focus. Students are also well prepared to make a seamless transition to the high school of their choice -- whether they decide to remain learning online, or head to a traditional, brick and mortar high school.

Middle school is a time of growth and change for young teens, and the best online schools can offer options and solutions that have previously rarely been available. For more information about middle school placement, contact Dwight Global today.