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What is Personalized Learning?

February 13, 2023

When it comes to education, no two students learn the same way. Personalized online learning celebrates the diverse learning styles of each student, and acknowledges the need for a flexible workflow. A tailor-made program puts the student at the center of the experience.

personalized online learning strategies

Many parents are looking for more flexibility in their child’s education. Whether you have a star student athlete or performer, or your family is on the road due to professional travel, the idea of online education may be something you are considering for your own family. 

Personalized online learning allows students to complete assignments, and earn a high school diploma, from anywhere in the world.  The best personalized online learning program offers students a customized curriculum combined with the structure and support of a traditional school. 

Middle and high school students who choose a quality online school like the highly rankedaccredited Dwight Global Online School learn essential life skills, succeed at rigorous academics, become a part of a strong school community, and are able to passionately pursue outside athletic, artistic, or other extracurricular passions. 

A personalized online learning program is also an ideal solution for families living in remote locations where school options are limited.

Benefits of Personalized Online Learning
Personalized learning offers flexibility and boosts student engagement, while also providing a solid educational foundation.  Students quickly recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and experienced educators meet individual student needs and maximize student online learning strengths. Students learn time management and become more confident as they learn to self-advocate and develop their own voices.

With personalized online learning, students work through their online lectures, video conferences, live classes and coursework at their own pace. They set their own goals, and communicate directly with their teachers throughout the process. 

Personalized online education focuses on the individual needs of a student and encourages each student to blossom to their full potential. Close and frequent connection and communication with faculty and school leadership keeps students on track academically, builds bonds, and achieves goals.

Academics, Community, and Flexibility
The most respected online high school and online middle school programs, like those at Dwight Global, offer the essential subjects that are needed for all students, such as math, history, literature, science, and world languages, and also offer established, respected academic pathways like the International Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, and Advanced Placement

Dwight Global’s solid community is another strength of its program, offering a vast array of clubs and extracurriculars, and in-person opportunities at Dwight School physical campuses around the world.

Dwight Global has live classes scheduled from early morning to late evening for student learning preferences, and to work around pre-professional athletics, performing arts, or family travel schedules. If a student athlete wants to get up early and train, for example, they can plan to start their schoolwork a bit later in the day. If an aspiring young actor has rehearsal in the evening, they can plan to study in the morning. This flexibility makes it possible for students to fit more into each day comfortably, and helps students learn essential time-management – a critical skill that is often not addressed in traditional schools.

Learning Support and Extracurriculars
Dwight Global’s optional learning support program, called Quest, is also available for students needing strength-based and innovative one-on-one academic and organizational training. The program is designed to help students with learning differences succeed in Dwight’s rigorous curriculum, and its integration benefits all types of learners. Students are paired with a Quest teacher for the academic year, empowering the student to better understand learning styles and challenges.
Personalized online learning enhances student’s distinct interests, strengths, and aspirations. By using technology to connect students, teachers, and peers, many students improve academically and socially. 

Dwight Global’s emphasis on development of the whole student also fosters a strong sense of community. Students are exposed to many electives, clubs, guest speakers, and specialty courses that serve to pique students’ passions and widen their horizons. 

Another benefit of personalized online learning is the ability to explore new interests. While many institutions follow a rigid curriculum, programs with customization offer courses that may otherwise be missed. Students who are interested in the sciences may explore many diverse subjects such as environmental science or forensic science, for just one example. Personalized learning helps inspire and spark passion for continued learning, bringing students’ career goals to life.

Find an Online Program That Meets Your Needs
Building on 150 years of innovation in education, Dwight Global understands the need of personalized online learning to empower students and give them the freedom to explore and pursue their individual passions. Dwight Global’s academically rigorous curriculum, partnered with experienced faculty and leadership, can meet any child’s academic needs – as well as their interests and external pursuits.  

Dwight Global is an established online school that delivers on the promise of personalized learning at its best. To learn more about the customizable and fully engaging programs available at Dwight Global, reach out here