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What to Expect from a 7th Grade Online School

April 4, 2021

For decades now, student athletes and performing artists have attended online schools, which offer the flexibility for students to advance professional talents while simultaneously providing a college preparatory education. 

Post-pandemic, however, the benefits of an online education have been widely recognized by many more students, and are increasingly sought after by students in grades 7-12.  

Today, families are seeking placement for younger students -- beginning in 7th grade -- in accredited online schools.

What type of seventh-graders choose online learning? 

Meet a few, below:

Charlie, who lives in Washington, switched to online lessons in March, 2020, and has no plans to go back to a brick and mortar school building. He enjoys the flexibility he has to travel to tennis and chess tournaments, and the lack of a commute each day means he has more time for reading and woodworking. 

Sonya is a ballet dancer from Connecticut. In addition to her performances and daily study of ballet, Sonya also has her own cooking channel. Online school has offered her the chance to experiment with recipes and start writing her own cookbook, which she plans to publish next year. 

Marcela lives in Argentina and has always liked quiet spaces. She says she learns more effectively in her home, absent the crowded hallways and the chaotic rush between classes she experienced in her former school. Her focus has improved now that she can eat healthy snacks and take quick breaks with her dog outside in the sun between her online classes. 

Ian was born in the United Kingdom and now lives in Bermuda. He likes the variety of his online classes and the connection with students from other parts of the world. His remote location makes a superb online school a logical choice. Ian’s highly experienced and credentialed teachers provide stimulating, enriched lessons and one-on-one help, and he looks forward to his classes every day.

Skyler lives in Florida and says online school got them back on track after a difficult sixth grade transition to middle school.  Their personalized online classes and a wide variety of after-school clubs have provided a sense of community, collaboration and connection to supportive faculty and new friends. Skylar’s academic growth has led to increased social confidence, too. They reach out to make friends now, and are happier academically and socially. 

What to look for in an online school for 7th graders

An excellent seventh-grade online school will follow the same curriculum, program, standards, and requirements of an excellent brick and mortar school. 

At an International Baccalaureate school like Dwight Global Online School, seventh graders are part of the Middle Years Program. The IB worldwide standards promote a curriculum that is rigorous, imaginative and interdisciplinary, and includes eight subject groups:  language acquisition, language and literature, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, arts, physical and health education, and design.

Students learn in faculty-led seminars, in one-on-one Oxford-style tutorial sessions, and in breakout sessions with other students.

A stellar online seventh grade online school encourages and inspires students to:

  • excel in their studies and personal growth 
  • make ethical decisions
  • look at the world with a global perspective
  • join with others in celebrating our common humanity
  • apply what they learn to real-world, complex and unpredictable situations
  • respond to challenges with optimism and an open mind
  • enthusiastically and empathetically pursue learning throughout their lives    

Each Dwight Global seventh-grader is a member of a small weekly advisory group, which meets with a faculty member to discuss a wide range of topics. Middle schoolers also participate in a leadership program led by the head of the middle school, and are invited to participate in community service during Service Day. After school clubs and school trips are many and varied.

Worldwide opportunities for 7th graders to meet in person

Dwight Global provides opportunities for middle school students to travel to the other Dwight campuses: London, Dubai, Seoul, Shanghai, and New York City, and to interact with their peers from around the world. And each summer, an in-person orientation is held at Dwight NYC.

By the end of seventh grade, students can navigate school with more confidence and independence. They possess increased time management skills, and explore their passions and interests with greater focus. 

Just a year later, by the end of 8th grade, students are well prepared to make a seamless transition to the high school of their choice -- whether they decide to remain learning online, or head to a traditional, brick and mortar high school. 

Take a Dwight Global Virtual Tour, and learn more about the middle school application process, here.