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Your dreams have no limits. Your school shouldn't either.

Building on 150 years of innovation in education by Dwight, a private school established in 1872 in New York City, Dwight Global Online School brings personalized learning to the 21st century and right to your laptop.

Combining real-time video conference seminars, individual online tutorials, and optional residential experiences, Dwight Global provides the best elements of a private day school, boarding school, and online school -- all in one. We provide a personalized experience for each student through our academically vigorous, accredited classes. Dwight Global is dedicated to “igniting the spark of genius in every child."

Is Dwight Global right for you?

Dwight Global is the right fit for passionate, intellectually curious students, including:

Students looking beyond their local school

Many students choose Dwight Global because they're looking for the best educational experience in the world. Whether their local school choices aren't ideal for them, or they are interested in the rigor of boarding school without leaving home, Dwight Global allows students to participate in an elite independent school experience while remaining home with their family.


Gifted students

Dwight Global's customized, flexible independent school experience has proved to be the perfect option for many gifted students. Among other things,

  • Dwight Global's flexible scheduling allows gifted students to pursue their passions and interests outside of school. Close relationships between students and their teachers, fostered through small online classes and 1-1 tutorials, nurture gifted students’ talents and keep them motivated to succeed.
  • A personalized educational path is designed for each student based on his or her personality, strengths, and needs, ensuring that gifted students are able to challenge themselves and reach their highest potential in appropriately accelerated courses.
  • Students craving individualized study may learn on their own, whereas students desiring more social interactions with their peers may visit one of Dwight’s worldwide campuses for residential experiences.
  • Courses do not have age limitations, nor are students required to follow regular classroom pacing. As long as they understand the material they may move as quickly as they wish.
  • College guidance starting in Grade 9 helps gifted students find the right college fit for them. Early graduation from high school and matriculation to college is supported, as is early entrance into high school.



Students pursuing acting, dancing, and modeling are able to audition, rehearse, and perform while maintaining their academics. Yara Shahidi, star the sitcom “Black-ish” and Rowan Blanchard, star of “Girl Meets World,” are among the students enrolled in our program.



Students pursuing elite athletics outside of school have found that Dwight Global gives them the time and flexibility to train and compete at the highest levels. One of our seniors just signed to play tennis at Notre Dame next year! Other graduates are currently playing sports at colleges and universities around the United States.


Homeschool students

Homeschool families choose Dwight Global to supplement their children’s homeschool experience with selected courses, or to provide students with a full course load to pursue while staying at home. For families also looking for an in-person academic experience, students may study for weeks at a time at one of Dwight’s global campuses. Many students have found that Dwight Global provides the right combination of academic rigor and flexibility, allowing them to continue their homeschooling experience through graduation.



Students traveling or relocating with their families find that Dwight Global allows them to move around the world without disrupting their education. One of our students joined Dwight Global when he moved to Greece to play soccer professionally. Students can take classes from anywhere, and they may also study in person on any Dwight campus in New York, London, Seoul, and Shanghai.


Others desiring a more personalized educational path

Just as no two students are the same, no two student journeys at Dwight Global are the same. Our expert faculty work one on one with students to map an individualized course of study. Many types of students find the right fit at Dwight Global.