Maelle Pierre, Lifelong Learner, Thrives in Dwight Global Online's International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Program

When Dwight Global Online School student Maelle Pierre was in pre-school, her mother kept her busy after school with crafts and workbooks, something the young Maelle absolutely loved. 

“On the first day of summer, I did an entire workbook in one day! I guess I could have spread it out a little more, but I have always loved to learn, and my mother always provided me with more learning opportunities. I enjoy academic challenges. They are fun for me, and they provide a sense of accomplishment,” said Maelle.

It will come as no surprise, then, to know that Maelle was immediately drawn to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for its rigorous curriculum and emphasis on developing global citizens.

A senior now, Maelle has been at Dwight Global for two years. She and her parents and younger brother Jayden, also a student at Dwight Global, live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where Maelle is involved in local community service activities in addition to her many roles at Dwight Global. 

Maelle’s mother Ritza Pierre said “Dwight Global has provided a committed community that fosters intellectual and emotional growth made possible by the school's supportive and passionate academic faculty.” 

Maelle values the IB DP’s opportunities to grow as a learner, and said the teachers have been extremely accommodating, welcoming, and supportive. “They really want us to learn and understand the subjects not only for an exam, but for our futures. The IB DP has helped me grow in confidence as a student.”

“Additionally, while at Dwight I’ve met such a wide variety of students, who have varying backgrounds, goals, and talents,” said Maelle. “ I’ve met some of the kindest, smartest, driven, and most unique people in my life at this school. And finally, meeting teachers and students across the globe has helped me to broaden my reach and perspective significantly, which will help me better support and understand others as I move forward in school and life.” 

Maelle serves as her grade’s IB representative, one of three Dwight Global’s yearbook editors, the National Honor Society fundraising committee leader and founder, and as a Spark Tank leader. She is also in the process of launching a Dwight Global club called Sandbox, where students come together to work and launch one project as a team. 

Near her Pennsylvania home, Maelle is involved in the Lehigh Valley Youth Council, where she leads and coordinates meetings of 80 student volunteers to identify local areas of need, and where she designed and launched a new website to increase membership. She also volunteers with Hunger Free America, designing flyers for their hunger campaigns. 

Both Maelle’s parents have always encouraged her to pursue her education and have consistently supported her and her brother in accomplishing their goals, both inside and outside of school. Maelle said they have instilled in her an awareness of her responsibility as a student, and to advocate for herself.  

Jerome Pierre, Maelle’s father, said, "Now that Maelle is about to embark on her future academic journey to university, the IB program has been fundamental in helping her prepare for higher education. The opportunity to study a wide range of international curriculum, and to understand various cultures, values, and the essence of global perspective has been a great support in her development as a student. Further, it has encouraged her to become an independent globally minded individual.”

Maelle’s experience with the IB DP has been a resounding success. “I’ve learned to think more critically, and I have become more organized and efficient. My love for learning, always strong, has flourished, and I have honed my ability to confidently, thoughtfully and concisely express my opinions. I have a better appreciation for each discipline and subject that we have studied, and my personal knowledge has grown astronomically in depth and breadth.”

With an ultimate goal to one day pursue a career in journalism and become a top editor or director at a notable publication, Maelle — with her family and her success in the IB DP to guide her — is well on her way.

By Caroline Crosson Gilpin, for Dwight Global Online School