Meet Dwight Global Student: Hazel

For Hazel Lessard, a junior at Dwight Global Online School, pivoting from a traditional school to a virtual one was one of the best decisions of her life. And what a vibrant life it is! Hazel packs her days with coursework she loves -- like her favorite class at Dwight Global, Advanced Placement U.S. History -- activities like Model U.N. and Global Issues Network, and a long list of hobbies and interests. From high diving to swimming, from classical piano lessons to volunteering, from stretching her journalism skills to writing and reading and activism, Hazel’s days are busy...and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hailing from the sunny beaches of Laguna Beach, California, Hazel wants to encourage others who might be interested in pursuing online school. “Online school isn’t always the normal educational path, and that can frankly be quite scary,” she acknowledges. “But it turned out, that isn’t the case! The education I receive is so much more engaging and valuable than what I was learning in person.” 

One of the things she loves best about online school is her flexible scheduling. “I get to customize my days so I can spend more time on my own passions, rather than fit my passions into my school schedule,” Hazel explains. She also gives a shout-out to the amazing faculty, noting “Everyone at Dwight Global wants you to thrive. This combination of excellent educators and the ability to manage my own time is probably my favorite thing about attending Dwight Global!”

Since she has such a busy schedule, Hazel has become masterful at time management and prioritization. And one of the things she prioritizes is her writing -- so much so that she recently won a prestigious Golden Key Scholastic Art & Writing Award. “Winning made me feel like my writing had been validated,” she notes.  Hazel also took first place among Dwight Global students in her grade in the school’s Camerer Essay contest, an annual school tradition.

At Dwight Global, students’ interests are centered in their academic journey; a philosophy Hazel appreciates. She says, “Online school allows you to delve deeper into your passions, which is just as important as academics.”  Hazel has pursued her passions by taking leadership roles in various clubs and activities at Dwight Global, including the Global Issues Network, Model U.N., WISER, and the new Public Policy and Activism Club.

As Hazel looks ahead to the future, she sees a lot of possibilities for careers she might want to pursue, including potentially a journey into international affairs. But no matter what happens, she knows Dwight Global is preparing her for wherever life takes her. 

  • Hazel, Age 16
  • Junior at Dwight Global Online School
  • Spark of genius: High Diving and Classical Piano 
  • Favorite book: All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
  • Favorite band: Queen
  • Best thing about Dwight Global: The combination of excellent educators and the ability to manage my own schedule!