Meet Remie Suvanto: Dwight Global’s 2021 Valedictorian and Aspiring Congresswoman

Remie Suvanto, this year’s valedictorian, excelled academically at Dwight Global — graduating with the highest rank in her class while also dancing pre-professionally at Ballet Academy East. It can be dauntingly difficult to be a a full-time student and full-time dancer, but Dwight gave Remie the support she needed to succeed at both.

“Dwight Global is unique in allowing students to pursue their professions,” said Remie. “I loved my classes yet had the flexibility to dance and feel lucky to have been able to do that as a high school student.”

Three years ago, Remie enrolled in Dwight Global’s blended program so that she could focus on ballet. Back then, she was determined to be a professional dancer. Over the course of her years at Dwight, though, her love of academics came to equal her love for dance. She delighted in her math and English classes, and took a keen interest in the environment, even creating a website to promote environmental preservation. But overall, her favorite classes were AP History and AP Government, especially studying the intricate workings of the U.S. Congress, which fascinates her and may one day become her future.

Earlier this year, Remie was accepted at Georgetown University, where come September she intends to major in government and minor in performing arts. When she entered Dwight Global, she couldn’t have imagined that she’d enroll in a college instead of a professional ballet school. But her courses ignited her curiosity and sparked her love of learning.

“I enjoyed my classes so much, even courses I didn’t expect to like,” said Remie. “My teachers were smart and knew how to motivate us. My passion for school rose to the same level of passion that I have for ballet. And I can’t imagine life without either.”

Washington, D.C. has top-tier dance schools, and she’s considering joining one. But right now, her overriding ambition is to eventually win a seat in Congress. She admires Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and is inspired by her youthful and progressive example.

“When I tell people that I want to be a congresswoman, they say, ‘what about dance?’ And I say, ‘okay, I’ll be a dancing congresswoman,’” she quipped.

Asked what she’ll miss most about Dwight Global, Remie talked about how Dwight “perfected the art of the online class,” and how she made “friends from all around the world,” and how the teachers had a talent for “making us excited about learning.”

Being named class valedictorian came as a surprise, she said, but it’s an apt way to end her time at the school that gave her so many opportunities to develop intellectually.

“I’m humbled to be valedictorian of a school with so many smart, self-motivated students who work uber hard,” said Remie. “Most high school students complain about their schools and their classes. I was lucky. Dwight Global made learning fun.”