College Counselor Megan Miller Joins Panel Advising Elite Student-Athletes on the Path to University
College Counselor Megan Miller Joins Panel Advising Elite Student-Athletes on the Path to University

Megan Miller, a member of Dwight Global's college counseling team, recently joined a panel advising elite student-athletes and their families on their path to college sports. The panel also consists of Esther Forester, a scout from National Scouting Report; Andrew Kappers, the Director of Compliance at Rutgers Athletics; and other online educators. The event was hosted by Centercourt, a high-performance tennis academy in Morristown, New Jersey.  

Ms. Miller specializes in advising students who excel both academically and outside of the classroom, such as in athletics or the arts. Ms. Miller is an expert on NCAA requirements, as well as the range of options available to students looking to participate in a sport in college.

The panelists discussed the application process for student-athletes starting in grade 9, when many elite athletes are already thinking about the next step after college. Topics included course selection and planning, meeting NCAA requirements, contacting coaches, scheduling college visits, as well as test-taking strategies.  

Dwight Global partners with Centercourt's high-performance tennis academy to provide a blended academic program to certain students. Many students chooseDwight Global because it offers rigorous academics paired with the flexibility to pursue their passion, whether it be in athletics, performance, or some other craft.  

Starting as early as grade 9, our college counselors work closely with student-athletes to prepare them for the college admissions process. While some of our athletes head straight to the pros, Dwight also has a long tradition of placing graduates in leadership roles at top college athletic programs. Admissions officers recognize the difference between a prestigious Dwight diploma and other online-only programs.  

Dwight Global is the blended program offered by Dwight School, an independent school on New York's Upper West Side.  Dwight Global is open to students grades 7-12.