5 Keys to Success in An Online School



You may have decided to enroll in an elite, international online high school because you wish to pursue serious academics, without sacrificing your dream to perform at the highest professional levels in artistic careers or competitive sports.  Or, you may have chosen to go online because your local school isn't a good fit.  Finding the right online school is the critical first step. But once you've found it, how can you ensure a successful experience? Here are five tips that can help you balance a college-style schedule with your outside passions and ambitions. 

1.  Communication is Essential 
Communication is key. Your instructors can't read your mind, so if you need special attention, you need to reach out and communicate your concerns. Reach out to your instructor to schedule a one-on-one meeting for extra instruction and to get your questions answered. If your instructor thinks additional help is necessary, they should provide you with a peer tutor. At Dwight Global, the online program of Dwight School, students requiring additional attention can participate in Oxford-style tutorials with their instructor. 
2. Create a Personalized Learning Schedule 
Establishing a learning schedule that works with your lifestyle, preferences, and needs will set you up for academic success. In your personal schedule you should have time set aside for studying, attending class, and group work. If you have a busy period coming up outside of school, ask your instructor if you can get ahead in your work.  Crafting a personalized learning schedule that fits your interests and talents is essential for an engaging online school experience. No two students are alike, so neither should be two educational journeys. 

3. Come to Class Prepared 
Your class seminars are a time to challenge yourself and your peers, exchange ideas, and participate in meaningful, in-depth discussions. Completing the assigned lectures and readings before class will help you focus on contributing to the discussion and learning from your classmates' comments. 

4. Stay Organized
Another key component for being successful in an international online school setting is organization. Create a consistent schedule for completing work outside of seminar that is proactive and will help you complete work on time. Dedicate a space within your home where you can complete classwork with minimal distractions. If you will be traveling, stay organized on your tablet or computer. Identify a system for organizing your classes and assignments to avoid losing or overlooking any completed work. 

5. Connect with Classmates 
The best online high schools promote a sense of community through in-person and online experiences. By fostering connections with classmates and instructors, you expand your network, open the door to future opportunities, and create lifelong friendships. You will find it easier to ask questions in class or say "I don't know" if you are comfortable with your classmates and instructor. 

By following these guidelines, you can maintain an academically rigorous curriculum while pursuing your passions and interests. Dwight Global is dedicated to supporting students by providing personalized experiences that ignite their spark of genius.