Summer Courses 2022

Do you want to continue learning this summer? Enroll in an online summer course at Dwight Global!

Our academic summer classes for students going into grades 7-12 are rigorous, full-credit courses. With a curriculum designed to engage and foster critical thinking, students learn from expert teachers who are both committed to supporting students’ academic success and readily accessible. To accommodate busy summer schedules, all courses except Spanish, French and Mandarin are asynchronous with weekly deadlines. World Language classes have a weekly meeting requirement for live practice.

At Dwight Global, you can supplement your transcript or pursue credit recovery. Either way, as with our other courses, summer courses are designed to draw on real-life examples, offer a global perspective, and provide a solid foundation for future study.

Summer courses run from June 13 to September 4. To learn more, contact us via or by phone at 212-724-5385.

Summer courses include:


What are the start and end dates of the summer course?
Courses start Sunday, June 13, and end on Sunday, September 4. 

Are the summer courses asynchronous or synchronous? 
With the exception of World Language Classes, summer courses are primarily asynchronous (no live classes) because many students need maximum flexibility over the summer.  Teachers check-in regularly with students, and students may request office hours or one-to-one meetings with teachers as needed.  Students in language courses will attend weekly meetings.

How many hours should my child expect to spend working on their summer course each week?
Though this varies from course to course, students should be able to dedicate six to ten hours per week on coursework.   

My child will be traveling a lot this summer. Is there flexibility in terms of when work can be completed?
Summer courses are designed to have structure with flexibility.  Assignments are submitted weekly and are typically due Sundays at 11:59 pm. Students may obtain deadline extensions when needed to accomodate travel and other summer plans.  Students should take caution, however, to pace themselves over the duration of the summer and not to leave too much work to the end, when it may be difficult to finish.

What if my child doesn’t finish the course on time?
If your student is not able to complete a course by Sunday, September 4, the Head of School may grant an extension. No extensions will be granted past Sunday, September 11.

Will my child receive a grade for the course?
Yes, your child will receive a Dwight transcript noting your child’s credit for the course and your child’s grade, on a scale of 1 to 100.

Is there a registration deadline?
Registration is open until Friday, June 19. Students who wish to register after this date should contact our Summer Team at 

What is your cancellation policy?
Courses may be canceled before July 11 for a refund, except for a non-refundable $500 administrative fee.  After July 11, there are no cancellations, and the entire fee is non-refundable.

Will my child take a final exam?
Yes, students take a proctored, final exam in order to receive credit for the course.  The exam is video-proctored; students do not need to come into a Dwight campus.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns?
Please email us at