College Guidance

Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Princeton, Vassar, Middlebury, UC Berkeley and Wesleyan are among Dwight Global's college acceptances.

Dwight’s college counseling experts work with students. Chancellor Spahn, who has many years of experience in the field, assists and works with students as an ex-officio member of the team. Together, we help students identify the college that is the best fit based on their academic profiles, personal interests, and aspirations.

A Four-year Path to Success

We provide extensive information, guidance, and support starting in Grade 9 ― and continuing through all four years of upper school and beyond.

Grade 9

  • Parents and students attend a college overview session led by the college counseling staff. Students learn how they should plan their high school years to maximize their learning experience and present the most desirable profile to colleges.
  • A full mock ACT exam is administered to begin tracking student progress and to identify academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students and parents meet with a college counselor and the Director of Scheduling during course selection to make sure that students select subjects they will need to prepare for their chosen course of study.
  • All students develop an individualized academic plan for their four years of high school in which they identify which courses they will take each year and what programs they will participate in during summer. While this plan can be revised at any time, it is important for making sure that students always keep their eyes on the the prize.

Grade 10

  • A parent/student college event provides families with additional information regarding visiting colleges and preparing for standardized tests.
  • Students take another full mock ACT to track their progress, as well as the PSAT for the first time.
  • College counselors attend course selection interviews with students to help with academic choices for their junior and senior years.

Grade 11

• Junior College Night for students and parents launches the official planning and search process.

• College counselors conduct individual meetings with students and families. Students are assigned one college counselor, with whom they will work until the end of senior year.

• Customized testing calendars, college priority lists, and college visit itineraries are provided for each student. Virtual visits and virtual presentations are arranged to ensure that all Dwight Global students can fully participate.

• The college counseling staff leads Junior College Day, covering the application process, how to use Naviance, writing college essays and supplements, and how to navigate the Common Application.

• Students are encouraged to use the summer break purposefully and to return for senior year well prepared to engage in the college application process. They are required to write the first draft of their college essays prior to the start of senior year.

Grade 12

  • A Senior College event for students and parents is held in September, providing information about admissions officers’ visits to Dwight Global, college visits (physical and virtual), application deadlines, and the different types of admission programs (i.e., Early Decision, Early Action, Restricted Early Action, etc.)
  • Counselors meet with students individually to finalize college lists and discuss their applications. Counselors assist students in editing essays and supplements.
  • College representatives visit Dwight to discuss academics and special features of their institutions.
  • Counselors serve as student advocates through the process and work with families as students receive acceptances and make their final decisions.

College Counseling Chair

Jill Ortman
College Counseling Chair

College Counselor

Megan Miller
College Counselor

College Counselor

Hee-Jin Yim
College Counselor


College Counselor

Arthur Samuels
College Counselor