Instructional Model

Our courses use the model of a blended, flipped synchronous seminar approach with a college-style class schedule.

The model is blended because it mixes synchronous (real-time, online, video-based, virtual classroom) and asynchronous (recorded lectures and seminars, and other pre-existing materials available on demand) components.

The model is flipped because students are expected to watch the lectures before they come to class, so that seminar time can be used for active discussion.

The class schedule is college-style because the seminars meet two-three times a week rather than every day. Everything that happens in seminar is recorded and can be viewed later. In addition to the work that students do on the computer, they have a full complement of off-line work, such as readings, writing papers, problems sets, and completing labs and projects. Students needing additional attention can participate in Oxford-style tutorials with instructors.

The combination of these elements provides a rich, dynamic learning environment, reminiscent of the best schools in the world.