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Accredited Online Homeschool

If you’re considering bridging the gap between a vibrant homeschooling approach and an online school, consider Dwight Global Online School, where we offer a personalized approach to each student -- because we understand all students learn differently. Our commitment to this personalized approach allows students to pursue their spark of genius while they earn a coveted high school diploma. 

Dwight Global offers blended classes for students in grades 7-12, combining real-time online video conferencing seminars, Oxford-style tutorials, and a college-style schedule to provide students with an ideal blend of independence and support, while saving space for each student to freely pursue their passions. 

Our personalized curriculum and understanding teachers — who are experts in online education — mean that we have years of experience in helping all kinds of students, including those who have homeschooled, seamlessly and successfully blend into a remote learning environment. And because many students who have homeschooled are interested in ensuring their parents and families remain involved in their schooling, we place a premium on communicating and collaborating with our students’ parents. Your child’s education is a group effort, and we at Dwight Global Online School are here to guide your child down a path that feels right for them, taking into account their interests, needs, and challenges as they embark on a truly unique online learning experience that will prepare them for their futures. 

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What sets Dwight Global Online School apart from other online home school programs?

Dwight Global Online School is the online extension of the renowned Dwight School, with its 150-year history of academic excellence and its campuses in cities across the world -- New York, London, Seoul, Shanghai, and Dubai. While students at Dwight Global Online School can reside anywhere in the world, their status as a Dwight student grants them a passport to any and all of our campuses, enabling them to visit a Dwight School several times a year for various programs and events. This combination of online and in-person experience ensures students receive a complete, holistic education -- one that meets their personal schooling needs. 

What kinds of courses can my homeschooled child expect?

Beginning in grade 7, Dwight Global Online School students are introduced to an inquiry-based curriculum, through which they are encouraged to collaborate, think critically and independently, and apply their knowledge to the world around them -- truly embodying the spirit of a rigorous homeschool program. Here, students remain at the center of their learning journey, and are encouraged to develop a passion for learning as they embrace new challenges. Beginning in grade 9, advanced students may take Advanced Placement courses, and in grade 11, they may choose to take International Baccalaureate courses and sit for the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

What kind of diploma will my child receive?

Students meeting graduation requirements will receive the Dwight Global Diploma, issued by the Dwight School -- the new platinum standard for international independent school education. As a fully articulated U.S. High School Diploma, meeting the same exacting standards of Dwight School, the Dwight Global Diploma enables students to align their academic paths with the International Baccalaureate, the Advanced Placement, or their own individualized Dwight Global course of study. 

Because our online home school students are able to choose across standards, they receive a truly personalized education to set them up for success. 

Interested in learning more about how Dwight Global Online School can meet your homeschooled child’s needs? Contact us