Dwight Global’s Online Middle School Program

For students in grades 6, 7 and 8, school is about exploring your curiosity, stretching your imagination, and preparing yourself for academic success in high school, college, and beyond. In Dwight Global’s online middle school, students in grades 6, 7 and 8 join an academically robust program where they are encouraged to collaborate, think critically and independently, and apply their knowledge to the world around them. Our focus on relationships and structured advisory and homeroom programs also address students’ socio-emotional needs.

What sets our online middle school apart?

  • Innovation: Students may participate in our Spark Tank incubator program, to take their novel ideas with real-world application into the marketplace. 
  • Community: Dwight Global is based on relationships: teacher and student, and student to student. We believe students thrive when these relationships are strong, and our structure and use of technology support these relationships at every turn. Additionally, each student is a member of a middle school advisory group, which meets weekly with a faculty mentor to discuss a wide variety of topics.
  • Curriculum: In addition to our challenging classes, all Middle School students participate in a Research and Debate program led by the Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator Sara Crucet. 
  • Global Vision: Middle School students have the opportunity to travel abroad to many of our Dwight School campuses and interact with their peers across the globe
  • Languages: Students may study Spanish, French, or Mandarin. Additional language offerings and Mother Tongue language classes are available upon request.

What kinds of courses does Dwight Global Online offer for middle schoolers in grades 6, 7, and 8?

We offer a range of exciting classes, led by experts in online education, to meet the needs of middle school students. Our elective course offerings serve the interests of curious middle school students and include Research and Debate and Computer Science. Our curriculum is designated to foster the education of open-minded and critical thinkers.

How do classes work in Dwight Global’s online middle school?

Our middle school offerings provide students with a solid foundation for future study. We use a blended, flipped synchronous seminar approach with a college-style class schedule, and our classes are: 

  • Designed to be relevant and timely, and draw on real-life examples with a global perspective
  • Led by highly talented instructors with expertise in teaching online and engaging middle school students
  • Taught in an atmosphere of collegial engagement that makes coming to class something Dwight Global students look forward to!

What does it mean that our middle school offerings are blended and flipped?

Dwight Global Online School’s middle school offerings mix components of both synchronous (real-time, online, video-based, virtual classroom) and asynchronous (recorded lectures and seminars, and other pre-existing materials available on demand) teaching. The model is flipped because we expect students to watch their assigned lectures before they come to class, so that seminar time can be used for active discussion. 

What does it mean that our middle school offerings are college-style?

Dwight Global Online School’s middle school courses meet 2-3 times per week, rather than every day, the way students do in colleges and universities. Everything that happens in the seminars is recorded for later viewing. And in addition to the work students do on their computer during assigned class times, they have a full suite of complementary off-line work -- such as readings, writing papers, solving problem sets, and completing labs and projects. And because we personalize our approach to meet each students’ unique needs, any student requiring additional support can participate in Oxford-style tutorials with their instructors. 

Dwight Global Online School’s middle school offerings provide a rich, dynamic learning environment -- reminiscent of the best schools in the world. 

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Sara Crucet: Director of Middle School, Director of Curriculum and Instruction