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academic support at online school
Pastoral Care and support

Dwight Global provides several ways to support each student.

  • Grade Level Deans
  • Learning Support
  • School Counseling
  • English as an Alternate Language (EAL)


grade level deans

Every Dwight Global student is assigned a grade-level advisor, otherwise known as a Dean. Deans are responsible for ensuring each and every student’s success.


learning support

The Learning Support Department provides additional academic support to students outside of the classroom.  Support is available in multiple forms depending on the specific needs of the student.  Supervised Study Halls are available at set hours to provide students with a space to complete their work in a supervised environment.  

school counselor

Dwight Global strives to create an environment that promotes emotional, behavioral, social, and academic growth. This is achieved through working with deans, department heads, faculty, our school counselor, and — when necessary — outside consulting mental health professionals.


english as an alternate language (EAL)

For students who have a working proficiency in English, Dwight Global offers the English as an Alternate Language program.