2021 Summer Classes

Do you want to continue learning this summer? Enroll in an online summer course at Dwight Global!

Our academic summer classes for students going into grades 8-12 are rigorous, full-credit courses. With a curriculum designed to engage and foster critical thinking, students learn from expert teachers who are both committed to supporting students’ academic success and readily accessible.  To accommodate busy summer schedules, all courses except Spanish, French and Mandarin are asynchronous with weekly deadlines.  World Language classes have a weekly meeting requirement for live practice.

At Dwight Global, you can supplement your transcript or pursue credit recovery. Either way, as with our other courses, summer courses are designed to draw on real-life examples, offer a global perspective, and provide a solid foundation for future study.

To learn more, contact us via summer@dwight.global or by phone at 212-724-5385.

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Summer courses include:

Middle School

Upper School