Student Profile: Annie


Dwight Global Online School student Annie Wilson knows a thing or two about balance -- literally, as a skilled ballet dancer who trains at Ballet Academy East, and figuratively, as a rising senior who’s learned how to incorporate her rigorous dance schedule with her challenging school courses. 

A 17-year-old resident of Greenwich, CT, Annie is entering her third year at Dwight Global, where she loves her AP Language courses -- “I love to read, and I am a naturally curious person,” she notes -- and has found inner strength in her decision to pursue a nontraditional academic path, which has enabled her burgeoning ballet career to flourish. “I’m proud that I believed in myself enough to forge my own way,” she says. “I went from spending most of my day in a classroom to spending most of my day jumping from a train to a subway to a New York City sidewalk...but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I’m extremely grateful for the nurturing environment of Dwight Global.” 

When Annie made the decision to attend Dwight Global, she had to leave some things behind; notably, her fraternal twin sister. But even though they’re not in school together, they’ve been able to maintain their unique bond. And Annie’s transition to Dwight Global has delivered countless benefits. “Because the Dwight Global schedule is completely centered around each student’s individual needs, I can dance at the highest level without being forced to make my academic career take a backseat...My teachers are always so understanding, and I feel bonded to my fellow students, even though we’re all located in different parts of the world.” 

With so many students and families wondering about online education programs these days, Annie has some tips to share. “I would advise anyone considering online school to be open to an unconventional setting and academic path. Despite the fact that online school is different from traditional school, it manages to provide me with an education that far surpasses my expectations!” 

As Annie prepares for her final year of high school, she’s got her eye on the prize. “When I imagine my future, I see myself on a beautiful stage dancing in front of thousands of people...but I also expect to continue my academic journey in college.” And while she doesn’t quite know where she’ll end up, she’s excited for what’s ahead, and confident she has what it takes to get there. “There’s so much uncertainty in the world right now, especially within the arts community,” Annie notes. “But I know that I will carry the values that Dwight Global has taught me. I know I’ll be able to organize my time, persevere even in challenging situations, and advocate for myself with a clear, strong voice.”