Student Profile: Jaden


Sixteen-year-old Jaden can take his high school classes from anywhere -- including from the set of one of the many television shows or films he’s working on. The actor (you may recognize him from Wonderstruck, directed by Todd Haynes, or The Get Down on Netflix) is excited to enter his junior year at Dwight Global Online School after realizing just how effective a personalized online program can be after a successful sophomore year. 

As an actor, flexibility of scheduling is top of mind for Jaden, whose availability often varies widely depending on whether he’s in the middle of a project. “The flexibility and freedom of being able to study anywhere, and balance both my academic future and my career as a high school student, is my favorite thing about being a student at Dwight Global,” he says. “But in a close second place are all the amazing teachers and faculty who keep me dedicated and interested in learning!”

Jaden’s favorite class from his first year at Dwight Global was Psychology -- which makes perfect sense, considering he spends a lot of time in other people’s heads, figuring out what makes them tick and trying to connect to their emotions and motivations. But the New York City native makes sure to leave plenty of free time outside of work and school to round out his interests -- like reading, writing poems and songs, and even writing music from time to time. “One thing people who know me might be surprised by is the music I like,” he teases. “I listen to a lot of hard rock, for example -- my favorite band right now is Tool.” 

Currently, Jaden can be heard voicing the character of Lucas on The Bug Diaries on Amazon Prime. But his future is anything but creepy-crawly! “I hope to be a lawyer, preferably a Judge Advocate General,” Jaden says. “I plan on attending Yale or Harvard for undergraduate, and then want to study Law at Harvard.” But if you’re worried about missing Jaden on the big screen, there’s good news: “I would also like to continue my acting career. But who knows! Only time will tell.” 

Speaking of time, Jaden has some advice for students who will be attending high school virtually this year. “Be prepared to learn how to work autonomously...but embrace the freedom of studying from anywhere!”

Keep an eye out for Jaden’s next adventure: his next film, “Vampires Vs. The Bronx,” a Netflix Original Feature, will be released by the end of 2020!