Student Profile: Lidya


Thirteen-year-old Lidya has a lot of stories to tell. As a professional actor, the eighth grader, who attends Dwight Global Online School, has been able to explore all sorts of personas -- from the character of Sara Hill on NBC’s “Good Girls” (a role she’s held for three seasons), to roles in “Hidden Figures,” “Black Panther,” the recent Netflix hit “Feel the Beat,” and a host of characters in between. It makes sense, then, that her favorite subject in school is English Language Arts! 

Born in Ethiopia, Lidya was adopted as a young child, moving to Miami with her family and regularly being asked if she was a model. She eventually discovered acting -- and the rest is history. 

Because of her busy acting schedule, Lidya and her family needed to explore flexible schooling options. When they discovered Dwight Global Online School, Lidya realized she could get an outstanding education and join a thriving school community -- all while keeping up with her acting projects. “I love the people, the classes, and the connections I’m making with other classmates every day,” she says. 

She emphasizes how important it is to prioritize socializing with her fellow students. “I advise other students considering online school to make as many friends there as possible,” she says. “Online school requires an adjustment, and forging friendships with your classmates really helps make your experience great!”

Already, as an 8th grader, Lidya has made a significant mark on Dwight Global. She’s taking high school-level history classes and serves as Deputy Head of House! (Much like the fictional Hogwarts, Dwight Global splits students into Houses, and they compete in fun activities and challenges to earn points and bragging rights.) She also organizes study groups and serves as a student ambassador. 

When she’s not acting or being a true student leader at Dwight Global, Lidya can be found reading or dabbling in all s orts of arts. She says, “I want to be an actress in the future, but I also see myself as an artist, especially musically.” Does that mean we can expect Lidya to expand into professional music sometime in the future? We’ll have to wait and see!