Residential Experiences

Every year, Dwight Global students from all over the world are invited to visit Dwight’s New York City Campus for residential programming.

These residential experiences allow students to supplement parts of their education with in-person work, activities, and enrichments.  Students have the opportunity to create friendships, meet with faculty, participate in group work, utilize Dwight School’s labs and maker spaces, sightsee New York, tackle an Escape the Room — even watch a Broadway musical!

Our most popular residential experiences include: Dwight Global Student Orientation, Dwight Global’s Annual STEAM Weekend, the Carnegie Hall Performing Arts Festival, Dwight Prom, and of course, Graduation at the beautiful Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Dwight Global students cherish this time together, as being in-person together deepens our students’ connections with one another and with their teachers and is an essential component of the Dwight Global advantage.

Dwight Global Orientation

What better way to get to know your future classmates than by spending a weekend with them? Every year, before classes start in September, Dwight Global students and faculty convene at Dwight School New York for a jam-packed weekend of activities! Students participate in a variety of group bonding and icebreaker activities, learn skills for success in online learning, explore the variety of club options through a Clubs fair, and take full advantage of New York City as their classroom.

Though programming varies from year to year, highlights of the weekend may include:

  • Meeting teachers and working on skills and strategies for success in online learning
  • Speaking with student mentors about strategies for classes and preparation
  • Participating in insiders’ tours of classic New York landmarks such as the Central Park, the Highline, and the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Dining out at New York staples such as Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn, NY
  • Meeting with peers to select club leader and craft goals at the Annual Clubs & Activities Fair

Dwight Global STEAM Weekend

Another beloved Dwight Global tradition is an annual STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) weekend that takes place over a weekend in late January. Throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to conduct science labs virtually or from the comfort of their own kitchens.  At STEAM weekend, students utilize the lab and makerspace classrooms at Dwight School New York.

Highlights of STEAM weekend may include:

  • Collaborating in science projects and labs and presenting findings
  • Competing as student teams in a mini-Model U.N. simulation
  • Joining or leading a student unconference session
  • Participating in an Escape the Room
  • Seeing a Broadway musical like Chicago or The Prom
  • Getting an insider’s view at one of the many incredible New York museums like MoMA or the Museum of Natural History

Dwight Global Carnegie Hall Concert

Dwight Global’s student body is made up of numerous performers: actors, singers, musicians. All Dwight students in our Global Network are invited to audition for and perform at a performing arts festival which takes place in February every year. Every other year, this celebration of music and the arts is held at the incredible Carnegie Hall in New York City. In the years when this experience doesn’t take place in New York, it is held at one of our international campuses around the Globe.

Dwight Global Prom

What would senior year be without an end of the year Prom? Dwight Global students are invited to finish out their senior year at a Prom in New York City.

Dwight Graduation

All students, even those attending school online, deserve to celebrate completing this critical rite of passage with an in-person Graduation. Dwight Global students are invited to graduate alongside Dwight School New York students at a Graduation at the beautiful Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The night before Graduation, Dwight Globals students come together for an Award Ceremony where they get to look back at the many wonderful memories and highlights from their high school experience.