Residential Programs, Exchanges, and Trips

Residential Programs

A key component of the Dwight Global Online School is the residential program, providing students with opportunities to come to a Dwight campus for two-three weeks several times a year. These trips allow students to pursue parts of their education that cannot be done adequately online. Whether through group work or maker space activities, performances or site visits, this time together in the same place deepens our students’ connections with one another and is an essential component of the Dwight Global advantage.

Recent residential programs have included: 

  • Welcome to Dwight Global Student Orientation 
  • Carnegie Hall at Dwight New York
  • Dwight Global STEAM program

Exchange Programs

We offer students the opportunity to study on any campus in The Dwight Schools network. In addition, we open the door for students to participate in a range of international programs that support Dwight’s three pillars — personalized learning, community, and global vision.

International Trips

Well before the creation of Dwight Global, Dwight School had sent students to every continent and to countless countries. No matter the destination, every trip illustrates Dwight’s commitment to educating global leaders.

As the Dwight Global student population is international, every time students come together it will mean international travel for someone. The great joy for all Dwight Global students is knowing that wherever in the world their studies lead them, they will always find classmates who share a common bond of Dwight.

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