Clubs and Extracurriculars

At Dwight Global, we are committed to providing all students with the opportunity to fully realize their sparks of genius. Often this involves finding activities that fall at the intersection of formal study and co-curriculuar or extra-curricular activities. At other times, students may have interests that fall completely outside what they normally do. Clubs and organized activities provide an ideal way for students to pursue these interests.

At Dwight Global, courses are scheduled Monday through Thursday. Fridays are reserved for clubs and extra-curricular activities. In addition to teaching courses, instructors lead clubs around topics of their personal interests. Moreover, any student can form a club on any topic provided there is sufficient interest among other students and they find a faculty sponsor.

The online environment of Dwight Global provides an ideal environment in which to invite outside speakers from the world of science, literature, art, business, and more. Guest speakers regularly come into the virtual classroom to meet with students. Nothing is more exciting than having students from three or four continents engaging in lively conversation with our guests. And since the guests are coming online, they can come from anywhere. Sometimes they are at one of the Dwight campuses in New York City, London, Seoul, or Shanghai. Other times they might be in anywhere in the world, from the Galapagos to Antarctica, or from Hollywood to Bollywood – the world truly is our campus.