Community Service

Forbes "30 Under 30" Alum Dan Maren, '11, discusses community service at Dwight and how it changed his perspective on helping the world

Dwight Global Online School is committed to leadership training, service learning, and community service. Through academic, civic, team, and individual exploration, students develop valuable leadership skills and perform local and global community service that will help them succeed in the next phase of their lives as students, community members, and world leaders.

Dwight Global students are unique in that they live in their global cities and they live as citizens in a global community attending a school that exists everywhere in the cloud. This provides a unique opportunity for community service, allowing students both to get involved in the communities where they are living and to come together to provide service to other students in the cloud.

Dwight School was selected as one of three Lead Partner Schools for WISER (Women’s Institute for Secondary Education and Research), a non-profit organization, which built the first girls’ boarding school in Muhuru Bay, Kenya. Dwight Global is pleased to be able to offer cooperative, online student-led courses and activities from Dwight Global to the students at Muhuru. Leadership through service is woven into nearly every aspect of a Dwight Global education.

CAS and Service & Action

Students in Dwight Global are encouraged to engage in meaningful community service, participate in physical activities, and explore their creativity. Dwight Global believes that these are important components of student education and personal development. In keeping with our mission, we have a Service & Action (community service) requirement for all students in grades 9 and 10, and a CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) requirement for all students in grades 11 and 12.

Our Community Partnerships

Dwight has a tradition of not just encouraging our students to participate meaningfully in community service, but also modelling service as an institution. Dwight's innovative work with a local New York City housing community to create an athletic center for an under-served neighborhood exemplifies this effort, as does its work with WISER.