Our internship program provides experiential learning opportunities for students. As a truly "everywhere school," Dwight Global enables students to find internships in their home communities, in the greater communities around different Dwight global campuses, or anywhere their imaginations take them.

In Dwight's internship program, sophomores, juniors, and seniors work in a wide range of fields. Recent examples include working with business leaders, a manager of a private equities fund for a high-powered financial firm, a plastic surgeon, the senior vice president of a major real estate company, and a film documentarian, just to cite a few. Participating students observe the workplace routine, join in the activities of the day, and sit down with their sponsor to ask questions and learn more about the dimensions of that career. Business sponsors consistently emphasize how impressed they are by Dwight students and remark on their maturity and intellectual curiosity. We are excited to have repeat sponsors and look forward to adding to this pool. Dwight Global’s Internship Program will continue to grow, providing even more summer internships and shadowing opportunities.

In order for Dwight Global’s Internship Program to build on its success, we need the support of the extended Dwight community; in particular, our families, friends, and alums. We encourage all families to consider ways in which they can support students in this important endeavor where they can gain insight into a variety of careers.