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Dwight Global students are scholars and athletes, actors and performers, entrepreneurs and adventurers. Each of our students has their own story to tell of how they found their spark and how Dwight Global allows them to become the person they wish to be. Most significantly, our students have found at Dwight Global that the pursuit of excellence in one domain does not mean having to settle in others. Nothing speaks to this fact and their accomplishments more than the words of the students themselves.

Meet Dwight Global Student: Isabelle
Meet Dwight Global Student: Esther
Meet Karl: World-class Tennis Player and Dedicated Student
Meet Ellieka: Studious Surfer, Model, and Actor
Meet Yara '17: Professional Actor and Dwight Global Online School Alumnus
Meet Dwight Global Alumnus: Khalil '17

Featured Student: Yara Shahidi '17

Fueling a Passion for Learning on a Hollywood Set

Dwight alumnus Yara Shahidi is an actress, model, and activist, best known for playing Zoey on the hit sitcom “Black-ish.”

Spark of Genius: Acting

Favorite Dwight Classes: AP World History, AP US History, AP Statistics, and Honors Environmental Science

Best Dwight Moment: Visiting Dwight’s New York campus ― “While my visit was planned last-minute, everyone at Dwight made me feel welcome!”

College Aspirations: “I plan to study sociology in college, while continuing to act. The interconnectedness of the two areas is magical to me."

Bottom Line: “The Dwight academic family goes to great lengths to keep the spark lit! The program is NOT a cookie-cutter approach, rather it is the opposite. It is based on my goals and my dreams, taking into consideration my dislikes and supporting my aspirations.”

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Click the student photos below to meet other students and learn how they have combined their pursuit of their individual sparks of genius with their studies at Dwight Global. What you'll discover: the right combination of academic opportunity coupled with dedication can lead to extraordinary results.

Ben Lepson

Attending the American School of Ballet, in addition to performing professionally, leaves little time for me to attend regular school, so Dwight's online program is perfect for me. My schedule is pretty demanding, especially around the holidays, and my teachers make time to help me catch up...

Nicole Battaglia

I am in a pre-professional dance program and I train six days a week, up to eight hours each day. Classical ballet is my biggest passion, but maintaining my academics is important to me and to my parents. Dwight's Global Online School has allowed me to fit everything into my life, without sacrificing my education...

Albertine Neal

Skating competitively is a big commitment in time and energy. Fitting school into my life is a challenge, but I have always done well academically and I would never want to sacrifice my grades or my learning. Dwight makes it possible to do both ― without compromising either.

Karl Poling

Traveling, practicing, and competing as an international tennis player can be very hectic. Dwight's online program is important to me because it provides flexibility so I can travel and compete at the highest level...

Selin Telek

Due to my busy ballet schedule, I cannot attend a traditional school. Dwight's Global Online School gives me the opportunity to follow my dream. The online program allows me to work at my own pace and gives me the flexibility to choose the time to work on my lessons...

Cecelia Higgins

I have very much enjoyed my experience taking IB Philosophy online. I am glad to be able to set my own pace (even if that means I often risk procrastination!); the way online learning necessitates me to be an active agent has helped me learn better how to prioritize and schedule my work...

Saahil Sharma

Through Dwight, I am able to access courses, including IB courses, from my home in Singapore. The courses are easy to navigate, the content is always available, and I do not have to deal with physical books or workbooks anymore. I am able to engage with teachers through supportive live...

Francis Dominguez

I'm taking IB Psychology SL and IB Spanish B SL online. IB Psychology SL and Spanish B SL courses allow me flexibility to dedicate more time to playing competitive tennis while not skipping a beat in school. I love that I can train and compete at the highest level and still get a world-class education.

Loeke Sakkers

Taking IB classes with Dwight's online program has been especially rewarding. Performing and rehearsing make meeting my academic goals more difficult, but through Dwight I can take challenging courses. I can access all of the lessons and assignments when I want to, and I can connect with my teachers on Skype regularly.

Lilian Poling

It's difficult to balance tennis and academics, and to do my best in both. Dwight has helped me make time, while still offering me the highest level of classes. I am taking several advanced classes, including two IB classes, and keeping my grades up while competing internationally.

Maria Kashapata

I am enrolled in IB Mathematics SL, IB Film SL, and Spanish ab initio. The switch to online learning at first was quite difficult for me, but I'm finding as time goes on it gets easier and easier! My online teachers are always available to help me and take the time to check in on you...

Valentina Povolo

I am enrolled in IB Math, IB Film. Dwight's online courses have allowed me to be challenged in my academic classes and participate in my film and acting classes as well. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to thrive in both areas.

Hear from Parents

Parents of Arthur, Class of 2021

"This is our first year enrolling in Dwight's Global Online School and we have only positive things to say about their offerings. My son's outside activities demand maximum flexibility in his academic schedule, and the online school is accommodating to his work demands. Furthermore, their coursework is rigorous so strong academics are supported in the virtual environment. His professors have been very attentive and quick to respond to questions. Additionally, the online school offers support through standardized test prep, college counseling, and recent brick and mortar options at the Manhattan campus to include labs and extracurricular events. They strive to meet each family's individual needs."

Parents of Ben Lepson, Class of 2018

"We can't be happier with this wonderful opportunity to receive an brilliant education while my son continues to pursue his profession as a ballet dancer. He studies dance at The School of American Ballet 6 days a week in addition to rehearsals and performances. Dwight Global Online School has been there supporting him all the way. Without this support it would be very difficult for my son to continue his passion. All the teachers have a great understanding and want him to succeed. Jaya Bhavnani has been his rock!"

Parents of Yara Shahidi, Class of 2017

"One component of Dwight's Global Online School that made a HUGE difference for my husband and me when selecting a program is that Yara has the ability to meet her teachers and sit with her counselors. She feels confident that she is getting the same dedicated teachers and counselors that the students on campus have."

Parents of Tristan McCormick, Class of 2017

"Tristan, as a competitive tennis player, has had experiences with several online curricula in the past. This year, in searching for better options, we found Dwight, and I cannot say enough about the program! It has an excellent curriculum combined with real teachers who actually know who my son is. The teachers are accessible, responsive, and flexible to student needs. When my son needed a individualized math curriculum created for him due to a prior sequencing of courses, Dwight handled that with ease and orchestrated a perfect two-year plan and coursework for him.

Finally, Jaya Bhavnani, the Director of the online and IB program, is outstanding. I am not sure how she accomplishes all she does as quickly as she is able to. I highly recommend Dwight to anyone looking for the best online educational experience for their child."

Parents of Charlotte Roach, Class of 2017

"Charlotte is a new junior this year enrolled in Dwight's online IB program, enabling her to pursue her passion of ballet in our home city of Philadelphia. Simultaneously, Charlotte is enrolled full time at The Rock School for Dance Education. She dances five hours a day and studies five hours a day, six days a week. Dwight's well-structured curriculum complements Charlotte's self-discipline and encourages her attention to detail. She has flourished both academically and artistically to new heights in both areas.

My wife and I are grateful for the kind and expert partnership of Dwight faculty and staff in support of our daughter's academic and artistic growth. Dwight's online program is disproving the maxim, "You can't have it all"― because you can!

Our daughter is able to grow and thrive artistically without giving up academic rigor. Dwight's teachers and college counselors are helping prepare her for the selective college admission process, while her dance teachers help prepare her for college auditions."


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