Dwight Global for Athletes

Diver Jaiden Lynch '24 is a sophomore taking NCAA-approved classes at Dwight Global Online School.

Are you a high school athlete looking for more flexibility to practice and compete, while maintaining your academic work? Combining academic rigor, a school-wide scholar-athlete tradition, and maximum flexibility, Dwight Global strikes the right balance for athletes looking to pursue their spark without settling in other domains. Dwight Global courses are NCAA-approved.


Our Mission

For nearly 150 years, Dwight has been dedicated to igniting the spark of genius in every child through highly personalized learning, community engagement, and global vision. Dwight Global is the 21st extension of this philosophy.


Flexible Scheduling, Academic Rigor

Dwight Global’s flexible scheduling allows athletes to maintain a rigorous practice and competition schedule without compromising their academics. Dwight Global's founders, themselves college athletes, know that having time to dedicate oneself to sport makes all the difference in developing a competitive edge.


A Global Campus

Students can attend online classes from wherever they are, allowing athletes to keep up with their courses when traveling. Students may also study in person or take part in activities at any one of Dwight’s campuses in New York, London, Shanghai, and Dubai.


The Dwight Global Diploma

Students may align their path with the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement courses, or their own personalized course of study. All classes are NCAA approved, meaning they pass rigorous standards required for entry into Division I and II schools.


Your Path to College

Dwight has a long tradition of placing graduates in college athletics programs. As just a few recent examples, Dwight graduates have gone on to play tennis at Dartmouth College, Columbia University, and the University of Iowa; play soccer at Brown University; and fence at Princeton University. Starting in Grade 9, our guidance counselors work closely with student-athletes to ready them for the college admissions process.