Parents Association

The Parents Association plays a vital role in Dwight Global’s community-building efforts and educational objectives. It is the School's and PA's joint mission to build a responsible, global-minded community and "ignite the spark of genius in every child." We look forward to all parents in every grade volunteering their time and participating in PA events.

The Parent Association also provides unique opportunities for parents and students to come together to explore common interests in different parts of the world and communities. As we aspire for Dwight Global students to be citizens of the world, we will arrange regular opportunities for parents to gather with one another when students come together for residential programs in different localities.

Like our students, our parents are uniquely talented with a lot to offer. We invite our parents to join one of the following parent committees.  Each committee builds community and adds to the current student experience and requires leaders and members.

Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors strengthen our community in a variety of ways. The members of this committee will welcome new families, organize regional meet-ups, host a welcome event at orientation, and serve as a liaison between Dwight Global's and Dwight New York's parent bodies.

SPARK Network

This committee will nurture each student's "spark of genius" by building a network of parent mentors. This work will be especially beneficial when next year's sophomores and juniors complete a Spark Project by identifying a topic of personal interest, conducting research, taking action, and reflecting on the experience. While students will be assigned a faculty advisor to guide their overall work, mentors will provide a unique insight into a chosen field. Spark Network parent volunteers will facilitate the connection between students and mentors.

Dwight Global Think Tank

Each trimester, Think Tank members meet to discuss current and future school initiatives with school administrators. Think Tank members serve as representatives for the parent body to convey information, collect feedback, and make recommendations.