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Senior Shubham Kumar Creates LeapCharger


Senior Shubham Kumar Creates LeapCharger
Erin Piemontesi

by Caroline Crosson Gilpin

Dwight Global Online School senior Shubham Kumar has had a very exciting year. 

An International Baccalaureate Diploma Program student who joined Dwight Global in his junior year, Shubham lives in Dubai, travels frequently with his family, and enjoys technology and entrepreneurship. His most recent startup company, LeapCharger, installs cutting-edge AC and DC charging stations for electric vehicles, and is committed to driving sustainable transportation into the future. 

“As I entered high school, I began to take a keen interest in my parents' roles as entrepreneurs and businesspeople,” said Shubham. “Their work intrigued me, and I decided to explore it myself. I delved into the world of technology, creating things like news RSS aggregators and diving into cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This ignited a deep passion for tech and innovation.” 

Shubham’s own forays into merging tech and startup businesses began before he joined Dwight Global, when he and three friends won the Uber Global Hackathon with an idea for a carbon emission tracking application. 

“That's when I discovered my passion for sustainability,” said Shubham.  “I then started my first company in the US, called BlackVizor, which focused on making it easier for people in the renewable energy industry to buy and use clean power.”

BlackVizor is no longer in operation, but as Shubham’s knowledge and experience grew, he applied BlackVizor’s core ideas and values to a new idea.

 “I noticed there weren't enough charging stations for electric cars to meet the growing demand. “This led me to co-found LeapCharger, a startup aimed at making it easier for electric car drivers to charge their vehicles. Our goal is to make charging accessible worldwide by offering different charging solutions, including public charging stations, home chargers, and private setups,” he said.

LeapCharger was established in February, 2023 in Dubai, and Shubham said he committed to providing a range of charging solutions tailored to specific customer scenarios. “One of the most thrilling moments was when our charging stations arrived at our warehouse, all set for testing and installation. Witnessing them up close was a truly remarkable experience, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the day they become available to the public,” he said.

Shubham’s global perspective started early, in India, where he was born. He spent seven years in Malaysia and has lived in Dubai for six. 

“I've had the opportunity to visit the stunning Dwight Dubai School campus and found the teachers to be exceptionally kind. Some of my Dwight Global teachers also teach at the school's physical campus, which has allowed me to form valuable connections, including with the Director of Operations at the school, thanks to my business teacher,” said Shubham, who credits his online school with providing him a flexible schedule to pursue his business passions.

“I come from a background that's all about diversity. I've lived in three different countries and visited many more, making friends from all over the world. This global adventure has expanded my horizons and allowed me to embrace various cultures. During my time in Malaysia, I fell head over heels for basketball, a sport I played for eight amazing years. This sport has not just been a hobby; it's been a source of unforgettable moments and pure joy.”

Shubham said LeapCharger has received the initial shipment of charging stations from a key manufacturing partner and is soon to commence installation. Stations will be installed in various locations across Dubai. 

“I am also excited about potential collaborations with Dwight Global, with a focus on campuses like Dwight Dubai and Dwight London, as we work together to advance our mission,” said Shubham, who is hoping he can be of service to Dwight London, which has an entire fleet of electric school buses.

Additionally, with the help of his father, Shubham’s company has gone public. “An enthusiastic group of investors in the US recognized the great potential in our plans and offered their support,” he said. 

“Acknowledging the capital-intensive nature of the EV charging business, they strategically chose to take LeapCharger public, and our stock is now actively traded on the OTC Markets with the stock ticker OTCPK:LCCN,” Shubham said. As Shubham is not yet 18, he can’t legally hold shares in LeapCharger, and says his father is responsible for the legalities on his behalf. 

After high school graduation, Shubham plans to continue his education and pursue an MBA. “My heart is also set on taking LeapCharger to a whole new level. We're aiming to grow the company substantially, all while staying true to our mission and vision of making a big impact in the world of EV charging.”

“It's been quite an exciting journey, filled with remarkable experiences! I've had the chance to build valuable connections since starting out in this industry. Engaging with manufacturers, suppliers, competitors, and experts has expanded my knowledge. Attending conferences and networking events has been a real pleasure, where I've met unexpected and like-minded people.”