Dwight Global Students Come Together at Annual STEAM Weekend!

Dwight Global's annual STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) Weekend in New York City was filled with fun and enriching activities for our students! Students took on a fictional forensic investigation, learned about immigration at the Tenement Museum, solved an escape room, and even went to see a Broadway show. 

Dan Maren '11 in the Spotlight as a Distinguished IB Graduate

The International Baccalaureate has featured Dan Maren '11 in its series profiling outstanding Diploma Program graduates around the world! The timing couldn't be more perfect, as Dan was on campus this week to share his entrepreneurial experience and insights with students in a Dwight Spark Lunch!

Salwa Emerson '92 Scores a Literary Goal with "Chance Striker"

In soccer, a striker is the player charged with scoring the lion's share of the team's goals. While not a soccer player herself, Salwa Emerson '92 has developed a character who is — and with the name Chance Striker, we know what position he plays!

Charlotte Kabelac '20 Shares Her Vision in Green to Spark Tank

When junior Charlotte Kabelac came to Dwight this year from her hometown of Wiesbaden, Germany, she brought along a strong desire to innovate and a passion for sustainability. It didn’t take long for her to share both in Spark Tank, where she introduced ReCoff, a shampoo, soap, and body lotion product line currently in design using recycled coffee grounds.

For Shauna Fitzmahan, Head of Upper School Social Studies, "Teaching TOK Is a Dream Come True"

Shauna Fitzmahan puts the "international" in International Baccalaureate — she's lived on four different continents! As the Head of Upper School Social Studies and a passionate Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher, Ms. Fitzmahan illuminates for students that learning can often bring more questions than answers. We sat down with her to discover more about her experiences and how TOK connects the classroom to the greater world.

Jordan Sotomayor '21 Invests in His Dwight Community

Sophomore Jordan Sotomayor started at Dwight in preschool — now, 12 years later, he is the President of the Business and Investment Club, whose spark of genius in business and entrepreneurship is fueled in our Spark Tank incubator and beyond campus.

Dwight Lions Impress at the Kreul Basketball Classic

While some of us sat by the fire during winter break, our Boys Varsity Basketball team turned up the heat down south when they participated in the 29th annual Kreul Classic in Florida. In this premier national competition, 36 teams from 11 states played fiercely. 

The Learned Ladies Was a Theatrical Education for All!

Enter stage right into a decadent domicile, with a plush, burgundy velvet pouf, and an ornate white settee. A harpsichord melody softly trills in the background, and soon, black-and-white frocked servants dance onto the scene. From its colorful characters to its social commentary, The Learned Ladies was a wonderfully acted romp that transported the audience to a 17th Century French chateau where trite Romantic poetry and pseudo-intellectualism rule the roost ... for now!

Students Don Lab Coats for Hands-on Learning at Pfizer Research Center

For the second time this fall, Dwight students had the opportunity to visit a premier center of scientific research to hear from investigators on the forefront of their fields. The first venue was Rockefeller University here in New York City; the second was further away in Cambridge, MA — the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Research Center, a leader in immune and gene therapy.

Dianne Drew, Head of Dwight School, Elected Chair of the IB Global Heads Council

Passionate educator and long-time champion of the International Baccalaureate, Dianne Drew, has been elected to the prestigious position of Chair of the IB Global Heads Council by her fellow Council members. This body of 12 advises the IB Director General, Siva Kumari, about important issues that affect nearly 5,000 IB World Schools in 153 countries.