Dwight Student-Ambassadors Join Peers Worldwide to Create a Better Future for All
Dwight Student-Ambassadors Join Peers Worldwide to Create a Better Future for All

 Five Dwight teams, representing three of our campuses — two from New York, two from Shanghai, and one from Dwight Global's campus in the cloud — attended the 12th annual European Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference.

Established to empower young people to collaborate and develop solutions for global issues, GIN has drawn students from all over the world together annually since the first "gathering of change makers" in 2006. Dwight students from New York have attended the conference for a number of years and we're proud that those from our global network joined the tradition.

This was an exciting time for all, not least for our Dwight Global online and blended learning students, as the conference provided one of several opportunities each year to spend quality time together, in-person. While students from each Dwight campus worked within individual teams to prepare, upon arrival at GIN, they supported one another as one big family! They enjoyed collaborating, socializing, and exploring the beautiful city of Luxembourg; and all served as enthusiastic representatives for Dwight's commitment to global vision.

This year's conference, entitled "Facilitating Sustainable Change with Environmental and Social Initiatives," drew more than 300 participants, who were tasked with creating strategic plans of action to solve global problems.

"The conference was an invaluable experience! It was a great opportunity to meet students from different educational and cultural backgrounds, and learn about what issues they face in their communities," Dwight Global Online School student Sofia Conway '20 shared. "As ambassadors for Dwight, we encouraged others to engage with our projects and get feedback that we can use going forward. I enjoyed collaborating with other student leaders, and I was inspired by the drive and passion I saw in other teams. It really showed me how my generation can be powerful and actually create meaningful change."

Dwight teams chose thought-provoking topics, gave presentations, and led interactive discussions on the following five projects:  

The Responsibility Is Ours!
"Humans are the only species with the ability to change the global environment. Much of what we have done so far has harmed eco-systems and threatened bio-diversity. It is our obligation to protect the blue planet by regulating our behaviours and managing the environment in a more efficient way."
Presented by: Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School students Harper Bo '20, Scott Chu '20, Richard Li '19, and Jenny Wang '20  

Locked Up in Troubled Waters
"Ocean sea life abuse has afflicted a variety of sea life all over the world, including sharks, dolphins, and whales. Ocean conservation practices offer practical solutions."
Presented by: Dwight School New York students Pablo Basora '20, Bankes Haden '19, Pablo Navarro '20, and Pepe Valles Fons '20  

Investigating Five Ways to Eradicate Poverty in China
"The poverty gap in China can be tackled through reducing gender inequality, addressing income levels, adjusting the proportion of each gross domestic product sector composition, improving infrastructure, and developing education in certain areas."  
Presented by Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School students Sam Huang '20, Camille Shen '20, Yana Xiong '20, and Dawn Zhong '20  

See Something, Share Something  
"If you see something, share it because it can change the world! Voices inspire communities to take action and provide sustainable solutions to the world's leading problems."
Presented by: Dwight School New York students Isaac Dunn '19, Bennett Haden '22, and Jordan Sotomayor '21

What Is the Colour of Water?
"Most underdeveloped countries do not have access to clean water. With a problem as monumental and widespread as the global water crisis, the first step is to bring as much awareness to as many people as possible."
Presented by Dwight Global Online School students: Isabelle Bennett '20, John-Tomás Bilski 22, Sofia Conway '20, Nia Simone Lake '19

We're impressed with the scope and magnitude of the problems our GIN teams tackled and proud of their contributions to global dialogues designed to improve our world for generations to come!