Kick-off Assembly: Reflecting on Health, Wellness, and Academic Achievements
Kick-off Assembly: Reflecting on Health, Wellness, and Academic Achievements

"What's the meaning of the sound "Om," that we often hear in association with yoga?" asked Emily Smith, Middle School Head of Humanities, as she addressed Dwight's Middle and Upper community at the first assembly of the year.

Ms. Smith explained that "Om" is traditionally thought to be the sound of the universe — the culmination of every sound around us forming a communal mantra. She then asked those gathered to pick a single-syllable word — "dog," "tree," "boat," etc. — to say in unison, drawn out over several seconds. The voices of students, faculty, and staff combined to create the desired effect: a Dwight community "Ooommm."

Thus we embraced Dwight's theme for the 2016-17 academic year: Health and Wellness. Students will gather throughout the year to reflect on intellectual, physical, social, occupational, environmental, emotional, and spiritual elements of wellness together in collaborative workshops, group activities, and discussions.

Amidst fun games, videos, and a brief meditative exercise, students were recognized for their outstanding achievements during the third trimester last year. Middle and Upper School students who earned a spot on the Academic Honor Roll were congratulated, as Ron Posner, Head of Middle School, and Eric Dale, Head of Upper School, reflected on their achievements.

Certificates of achievement were awarded to students who successfully passed various development stages for their inventions at last June's Spark Tank event. Spark Tank is a K-12 student incubator for developing new businesses, nonprofits, or ideas to improve our community or School. Students present their ideas and inventions for Q&A, feedback, and funding to The Dwight School Foundation's Spark Tank Committee, which is comprised of industry experts and entrepreneurs from the Dwight community.

The following students received awards:

  • Juniors Jack Basora, David Lindsey, and Ilan Pesselev, who created Suivant NYC, a clothing line designed by the youth, for the youth, received a Level 4 award and funding for successfully reaching the Execution Stage.
  • Senior Daniil Frants, who created a radiation diffractor, which demonstrates the diffraction of particles to students, received a Level 3 award and funding for reaching the Prototype Stage.
  • Senior Calvin Solomon, who created Dwight's official mobile app, OurDwight, received Level 4 and Level 5 awards for accomplishing the completion of both the Execution Stage and the Launch Stage. Calvin also received a $2,500 college scholarship for passing the final stage - Level 5 - of Spark Tank.

Congratulations to one and all!

With another year of exciting achievements and innovations under way, we can't wait to see what's in store!