Dwight Junior Daniil Frants Shares His Innovation on "The Tonight Show"
Dwight Junior Daniil Frants Shares His Innovation on "The Tonight Show"

Late night television brought a Dwight student into the spotlight! Congratulations to inventor Daniil Frants '17 on his appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" in a segment called "GE Fallonventions." In this segment, Mr. Fallon features inspired young inventors who demonstrate their prototypes, offering national exposure for their ideas.

Daniil, who was named one of "10 Under 20 Innovators to Watch" this summer during Consumer Electronics Week in New York City, showed how his Live-Time Closed Captioning System, a device designed to help people with hearing impairment "hear" a conversation as it's happening. Daniil worked on refining his design with fellow Dwight student Ilan Pesselev '18.

Daniil is one of several students participating in Dwight's Spark Tank, our exciting new think tank created to nurture innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Coordinated by Matt Moran, Head of Technology and Innovation; and Bentley Ferraina, Quest Teacher, Spark Tank is a forum in which students in grades 1-12, along with faculty, staff, parents, and alumni, can develop their novel ideas and receive expert feedback and guidance from educators and entrepreneurs in our community. Spark Tank is part of The Dwight School Foundation's Spark of Innovation program, which encourages K-12 students to apply for grants to help take their creative concepts with real-world applications into the marketplace.

We're proud of Daniil — and that his invention has won Jimmy Fallon's seal of approval!

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