Setting Global Vision to Music at Carnegie Hall
Setting Global Vision to Music at Carnegie Hall

If you were anywhere near Carnegie Hall last Saturday evening, you would have felt the good vibrations and heard the thunderous applause! That's because 180 Dwight global students were all on stage — at the same time — bringing down the house with a rousing rendition of You've Got a Friend.

This was an appropriate song to close the program in which Dwight students from New York, London, Shanghai, along with online and ICL Academy students, performed in our annual Carnegie Hall global concert. While some students had met in previous years and reconnected, many were new to the experience. Yet all walked away as friends.

These connections will last a lifetime. And they are one of many benefits our students reap from being part of Dwight's global network. Cross-campus collaborations in the arts, in the classroom, and beyond are woven into everyday life at Dwight. And international exchange programs in which students travel to another campus and step into the shoes of their peers, steeping themselves in another culture, begin in fifth grade with a class-wide trip to London. In ninth grade, students travel to Shanghai. And in the years to come, we look forward to student exchanges with our new campus in Dubai. Collectively, these experiences help prepare graduates to thrive in today's globalized world.

"Our annual global concert, which includes students in grades 4-12, brings Dwight's cross-campus collaborative process to life in every way," said Music Director Alistair Hamilton. "This year's program, 'Music of the Seasons,' featuring a breadth of musical styles, was orchestrated and composed by faculty and students from around the world. Connecting cultural traditions and ideas through the universal language of music is an incredible learning experience for our students. They auditioned virtually and met in New York to rehearse and perform as one family. This process illustrates the benefits of being part of an active global network of schools that values the arts and provides students with unprecedented opportunities such as performing together at Carnegie Hall."

While they had but a few days to rehearse, students had been preparing for months on their own campuses. Thanks to the support of their music directors and an amazing amount of talent, the students performed together seamlessly.

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