Smooth Moves Solve Math Problems: Grammys Take Note!
Smooth Moves Solve Math Problems: Grammys Take Note!

"Math can be fun and Mathergy proves it!" In a new extra-curricular program, Mathergy, students and teachers collaborate to produce fun, energetic videos to share with students who struggle with math around the world. After much excitement and anticipation, their first full-length music video has arrived!

Click here to watch the video ― a remix of OMI's "Cheerleader"― designed to help students solve systems of simultaneous equations using elimination. Math teacher Nicole Hamilton employed her own musical and mathematical sparks of genius and embraced Dwight's commitment to innovation and personalized learning to start the club. Her goal is to bring together budding singers, rappers, dancers, producers, filmmakers, and mathematicians from all of Dwight's global IB campuses, and utilize their talents to energize the process of teaching and learning math.

The first video features Simon Borchgrevink '16 and Natalie Chen '22, who collaborated with math teachers Bradley Meeder, Yumi Lee, and Ms. Hamilton to write lyrics and record vocals with the help of music producer Kembah (Jr. Dread) Joseph (Ms. Hamilton's fiancé). Many Dwight community members in our New York private school appear in the video to guide the viewer through a simultaneous equation from start to finish.

Ms. Lee reports that the most challenging aspect of creating the video was also the most rewarding: collaboration! "It was amazing to see teachers and students of all ages working together to accomplish something both fun and useful," she reports. "I hope after watching this video, students will carry that fun energy into their math classes!"

Ms. Hamilton was thrilled not only to see students working together across grade levels to create the film, but also mastering new math skills. "One of the most satisfying things during this process was watching a student in sixth grade math solve simultaneous equations with ease," reports Ms. Hamilton. "This was particularly impressive because she wasn't scheduled to learn this topic for another two years!"

Congratulations to the all the members of the Mathergy club on this awesome project. We can't wait to see what math topic they'll help students around the world tackle next!

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