The Personal Project Exhibition: A Landmark IB Achievement for Tenth Graders
The Personal Project Exhibition: A Landmark IB Achievement for Tenth Graders

Year-in and year-out, we look forward to the MYP Personal Project Exhibition, where tenth graders proudly present the results of an immersive, eight-month project on topics of their own choosing. As always, we were impressed with the in-depth work students have done in exploring a wide array of topics, including: the solar system throughout time, diversity in fencing, cultural foods in NYC, environmentally friendly architecture, an interactive children's coloring book, designing a Muslim volleyball uniform, the evolution of technology in film, the impact of circadian rhythms on living things, and many more!

The exhibition is the culminating experience in the Middle Years Program from grades 6-10 — and a milestone achievement in students' International Baccalaureate careers. The Personal Project showcases the unique skills students develop throughout the five years of the MYP and is a significant piece of work, borne entirely of each student's own initiative and creativity.

The Personal Project challenges students to:

  • Select a topic that is personally meaningful and emphasize why the project matters not just to themselves, but also on a grander scale
  • Establish the relevance of their inquiry within a global context
  • Establish a plan
  • Conduct research
  • Take action to create a product
  • Reflect on the process

Thank you to all who attended the Exhibition to learn about and celebrate our tenth graders' achievements. Special thanks to the faculty members who helped guide students on their journeys — and congratulations to the class of 2020 on your hard work!

Check out the photo album of this year's Exhibition ...

 ... and take a look back at one student's journey last year.

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