Three Cheers for Three Members of Dwight's 13-Year Club!
Three Cheers for Three Members of Dwight's 13-Year Club!

As the Class of 2016 gets ready to graduate and celebrate the last milestone they will experience altogether as one, there are three students who share a history that goes back to their days as Dwight kindergarteners: Matthew Davis, Emily Eidler, and Joshua Sweren are members of our 13-Year Club!

During this very busy time of year, complete with final assessments and IB exams, we knew that asking seniors to write a reflection of their entire educational journey here would be out of the question! So we came up with a few quick questions to get a flavor:

1. What is your spark of genius?

2. How has Dwight fostered your spark of genius?

3. What is your best Dwight memory or what have you enjoyed most about Dwight?

4. What has changed the most over your years here?

5. What college will you attend next year?

6. What do you hope to major in/study in college and what might you want to do as a career?

Here's what they had to say:

Matthew: "My spark of genius is my love and passion for film. Dwight has fostered this through Mr. Lindner's film courses. My best Dwight memory would have to be winning a championship with the JV Basketball team in tenth grade and beating Collegiate that same season. Over the years that I have been here the thing that has changed the most is the expansion of the school both here and around the world. As for college, I will be attending Boston University next year, and I plan to study screenwriting and producing for film."

Emily: "I do not believe I have a single spark of genius. I have a lot of interests that Dwight has cultivated. Dwight has given me the opportunity to explore and pursue a variety of different activities such as theater. My favorite memories by grade:

  • Kindergarten: George, the class teddy bear
  • First grade: Field trip to The Gates in Central Park
  • Second grade: Designing the Velcro Band-Aid for our Invention Convention
  • Third grade: Calling NASA to ask how many moons Saturn had for my first report ever
  • Fourth grade: Playing the wicked witch in Timothy House Playhouse's production of "The Wizard of Oz"
  • Fifth grade: The London Dungeon
  • Sixth grade: Being more scared of getting a -1 on my point sheet than I was in the London Dungeon
  • Seventh grade: Mr. McElaney's meditation bowl
  • Eighth grade: "If"
  • Ninth grade: Campfire at Frost Valley
  • Tenth grade: Designing an eco-friendly outfit for my Personal Project
  • Eleventh grade: Mr. Samuels
  • Twelfth grade: To be: Graduation

I would say the physical space is what has changed the most. I came to Dwight before the Quad, the new brownstone, the Great Hall, the Athletic Center, and definitely before SATURN and MARS. I will be going to Brandeis University and my major is undecided (possibly Education, Psychology, or American Studies); my career is undecided."

Joshua: "My spark of genius is the ability to learn new things quickly and independently. Dwight has fostered my spark of genius by surrounding me with faculty and peers who are invested in helping students develop necessary skills in addition to teaching academic subjects. My best Dwight experiences have been the various school trips we have gone on as a grade (London in fifth grade; Washington, DC, in seventh, Frost Valley in ninth). I believe it is important that the school has helped us interact with our classmates and experience places outside of the classroom. The amount of space for students has changed the most. For my first four years at Dwight, the Quad didn't even exist. I will be attending George Washington University. As of now I am undecided, but I look forward to learning more about myself academically over the next few years."

We share Joshua's sentiment and look forward to learning more about Matthew, Emily, and Joshua in their years beyond Dwight. We wish them and their fellow classmates every success. We know the Class of 2016 is destined for greatness!

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