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Welcome to
Dwight New York

Dwight, a New York City landmark private school, is a leader in global education recognized worldwide for igniting the spark of genius in every child. We are proud of our rich history, which dates back to 1872, and numerous advances that have distinguished Dwight as a pioneering International Baccalaureate World School. While innovation drives us ever forward, our commitment to personalizing the educational journey for every student remains at the heart of everything we do.

Early Childhood

Our youngest students begin building social skills and a love of learning in programs ranging from Wee Wonder for infants and Small Wonder for toddlers, to Preschool and Pre-K for children.

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Lower School

Students in Kindergarten through grade 5 hit the ground running with inquiry-based learning. We ensure a holistic, personalized approach to teaching the "head and heart" of every child.

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Middle School

Students in grades 6-8 grow in leaps and bounds, as they assume greater independence and responsibility on their academic journey.

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Upper School

Students in grades 9-12 advance exponentially both academically and personally, as they prepare to thrive beyond Dwight in college — and anywhere in the world.

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Dwight Facts & Figures

Dwight stands apart from other independent schools as a leader with a long list of firsts in New York City and around the world. Discover more about our milestones and global community.

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school in the Americas authorized to offer the full IB curriculum in 2014



 U.S. independent school to establish an overseas campus in 1972


global campuses with 1 shared mission


student-entrepreneurs developing their passion projects in our Spark Tank incubator


students in Manhattan and 3,216 worldwide


years of leadership by Chancellor Stephen Spahn


community with 45 nationalities represented


school in the U.S. authorized to offer the IB PYP in 1998 and the MYP in 2000

News & Events

Spring Season Recap: Our Dwight Lions Close the Year with a Mighty Roar

Our Lions were in full bloom this Spring Season!

Whether it was a big game win, a regular season accomplishment, or even a playoff title earned, this Spring Season was full of growth and willpower. With four Championship titles and four NYSAIS appearances, our Lions really brought it home — and we couldn’t be more proud. Continue reading for more insight on how our Lions performed in the final athletic season of the 2023-24 school year.

Girls Varsity Tennis | Coaches Tim Heath, Ben Dorman, and Ben Shapiro

Going undefeated (7-0) for the season and shining like stars, it’s our Girls Varsity Tennis team! “By taking the lessons learned from each of us, the team was able to grow as a cohesive unit and achieve a higher level of play,” shared a very proud Coach Heath. This was evident when the team was able to claim victory against Bay Ridge Prep in a hard-fought game that earned them the ISAL Regular Season Championship Title. Shortly after that, the Girls Varsity Tennis team entered the ISAL End-of-Season tournament composed of individual competitions, where our Lions came out on top, winning all of the events! With a successful season under their rackets, the team can’t wait to get back to competition, but will be working hard until then.

Boys Varsity Tennis | Coaches Tim Heath, Ben Dorman, and Ben Shapiro

“Taking care of business” was a common phrase you’d hear if you were around the Boys Varsity Tennis team — and they did just that, as they ended the regular season with a commendable record of 12-3. The team went on to be the Champions of the ISAL and runners-up of the ACIS. 

The coaches shared how nice it was to witness the team develop, building a unified mentality. Everyone truly played a role on the team, but one standout was Josh Racz ’25. Josh was the go-to person for inspiration, as well as information on the opposition. 

When asked what he would be looking forward to the most with the team next season, Coach Heath tells us, “Our goal is to return as a unit and capture the ACIS Regular Season Title and playoffs.” That said, we cannot wait to see the results next spring.

MS Tennis | Coach Stefania Sidoli

The Middle School Tennis season was a great success! The team diligently worked to improve upon their skills — particularly their groundstrokes — showing remarkable progress over the weeks. They gained a clear understanding of the rules and strategies of the game, which enhanced their performance in matches. The season concluded on a high note, as the team had the opportunity to watch and cheer for the Varsity team, gaining inspiration and insight into advanced play. “The experience not only fostered their love for tennis, but also built a strong foundation for their future in the sport,” said Coach Sidoli. 

Boys Varsity Volleyball | Coaches Tiam Chuck, Aaron Colon, and Carmelo Cintron

When you have a returning group of skilled players who are led by passionate coaches, success is within reach. That couldn’t be more true for our Boys Varsity Volleyball team, which has, once again, earned the titles of League and Playoff Champions of the ISAL! 

Some highlights — Tom Ifrah ’24 was an undeniable force on the court as he executed dynamic plays, hustled, and kept the team morale alive. Daniel Barschdorff ’24 proved once again to be a valuable asset to the team, delivering powerful swings in a new position this year. Daniel Born de Andres ’26 and Ethan Cortez ’24 were the team’s setters, hustling on the court in order to transition defensive plays into offensive opportunities for our Lions. Zach Wolf ’25 and Dylan Lytle ’25 both had amazing blocks and aggressive swings that helped get the team hyped up and gain momentum in games. Smashing the ball down, digging, and blocking the opposition, Alex Gingold ’27 went to work this season. Henry McIntosh ’28 had the opportunity to step up and become the team’s libero, and he did not disappoint — in many rallies, he was the back-court hero. 

One memorable moment of this past season — senior Daniel Barshcdorff showed an exceptional amount of dedication and tenacity in the first of many games against Brooklyn Friends. Despite not feeling his best, Daniel went above and beyond to support his team and help them secure the victory. “Daniel has always been a team player, but that was a moment that truly spoke to his character,” said Coach T. “Loyal, selfless, and reliable.”

Although the next season is quite some time away, the members of the Boys Varsity Volleyball team have already begun working toward a higher level of success for next year.

Varsity Rugby | Coaches Heidi Rubenstein, Adam Higgins, and Arnold Chavis

Taking second place in the Met NY Division 2 was our Varsity Rugby team. These Lions have been working hard to develop better tackle technique, strategy, and morale. A treasured win of the season was the victory against New Rochelle, a team that our team has historically struggled against. Our Lions dug deep and pushed on to pull out the win, but for the coaches the real win was seeing the team's growth, determination, and resilience. This season, every player valued the number on their teammate's back, portraying a strong sense of teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Though part of a large team, this year’s five graduating seniors had a massive impact. Matisse Dubois-Pelerin Sanz, our fullback and captain, led by example, consistently putting his body on the line for crucial try-saving tackles. Jack Kuper, the forward and loosehead prop position, held both himself and other seniors accountable, setting high standards for the team. Hayden Lucas, in his first season, quickly grasped the nuances of the game, showcasing how coachable he was. Jonathan (J.J.) Platt, our energetic right-wing player, lifted team spirits with his infectious enthusiasm, while Ale Abdy brought his agility to the field as our left-wing player.

Acting as a vice captain alongside captain Matisse was Ryan Franciscovich ’25. Both of these athletes worked to provide leadership both on and off the field and guide the team through challenges while also inspiring their teammates to give their all.

With only five teammates graduating out of twenty-nine, there's excitement about the potential for next season, as the younger Lions can evolve into key contributors. One thing is for sure, each member of the team is fully capable of earning a spot in the record books in the coming seasons.

Varsity Softball | Coaches Anthony Rodriguez and Shanna Bess

Coach Anthony and the returning players were thrilled when several newcomers took to the plate this season! With diligence and plenty of teamwork, the team bonded and saw much improvement — from the start of the season to their second consecutive ISAL Championship berth against Bay Ridge Prep. After giving it their all, the Varsity Softball team finished as the runners-up. “Even though the season didn’t end with a Championship win, the journey itself was filled with memorable moments, growth, and accomplishments,” said Coach Anthony. 

Lulu Deyer ’25 and Darby London ’25 were instrumental in leading their teammates into competition this year, as the veterans and team captains of the team. The two served as role models for the younger athletes, especially those who were new to the program. Often helping to coach 3rd base and giving insight to the rookies on how to properly lead off 2nd base, Sabella Faccio ’27 was recognized this season for helping the team out of some tight spots and being an encouraging voice on the field; in one game, Sabella hit a homerun and had 6 RBIs. Jazmin Novick ’29 had an amazing highlight this season when she caught a hard hit line drive at second base against LREI. “The joy when she caught it was great to see, and the cheers she got from the team showed her how much of an asset she was. Jazmin had never played softball before, and she was our most improved player this year,” said Coach Anthony. 

Coach Anthony goes on to share how excited he is to see what the future holds; he hopes their love for the game encourages them to push on and develop further.

Varsity Baseball | Coaches Jonathan Ascher and Ted Belcher

This was Coach Belcher’s 10th year coaching either baseball or softball. “In my 10 years, I have never seen such a dominating show on the mound as Max Schoenfeld '25 had this season,” he said. Over 5 games, Max threw 55 strikeouts, averaging over 2 per inning. Connor Janiak ’27 was also on the mound, helping out in some crucial moments. Unfortunately, another key player, Luke DiMaria ’27, had his season cut short due to injury, but not after ending his season with a .571 batting average. 

The team nearly doubled their overall batting average from the previous season and had a total of 47 stolen bases. Twelve of those stolen bases came from freshman Zack Jacobsen ’27. Another key player was Milo Haber '28, who was not only the most trusted person to keep the scorebook accurate, but who also came in clutch pitching this season. In his pitching debut, he struck out two batters — one, a senior! Not a small feat for any pitcher, and a great sign of his success to come.

While the Varsity Baseball team didn’t win the championship this year, the team is looking forward to chipping away at the competition next season and earning a playoff berth to play at MCU Park again. 

Varsity Track and Field | Coaches Holly Nohavitza and Doug Sklar

Going the distance with a roar is our Varsity Track and Field team! The team worked diligently to improve their times, and, as a result, the girls division placed 3rd with some of our top Lions qualifying for the NYSAIS competition!

It was rewarding for the coaches to see their student-athletes attempting unfamiliar events. Several stepped up and accepted the challenge to try longer distances. Helping athletes improve their stamina and guiding them to push past their own limits is what drives our coaches, and they couldn’t be happier with the results this season. The members of the Varsity Track and Field team were able to make advancements and prove to themselves that they can strive for improvement with every step on the track.

The coaches are hopeful that this progression will continue in the future. They look ahead to a full roster eligible to return, hopefully with some new additions for next season. 

Varsity Golf | Coaches Brett Madarasz and Ra Ung

The Varsity Golf team had a terrific season, winning the ISAL! These golfers always aimed high and, as a result, made remarkable achievements. David Rowe ’27, Paul Wilpon ’26, Charlie Greenwald ’27, and William Scibilia ’26 all qualified and had a chance to show off their skills at the NYSAIS tournament this season. “Each player put in a ton of work throughout the season and showed so much progress each and every day. We had a lot of laughs,” said Coach Madarasz. ”This team was a ton of fun to coach, and we look forward to returning all 10 players next year.”

There’s no better way to end the school year than by reflecting on all these achievements and fond memories of spirited competition. Although school is out, allowing our Lions to take a much needed rest, they’ll still need to gear up and get ready for the new school year ahead. The fall pre-season will be here before you know it, but until then, we hope all our Lions get to enjoy their Summer Break!

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Filmmaker Zoe Samton ’24 Discovered Her Passion Through Dwight's Inspiring Community

Zoe shares how her love for film, debate, and more blossomed at Dwight, fueled by the school's international community of classmates and teachers.

Driven by creativity and a love for her work, Zoe's approach as a filmmaker is deeply rooted in exploring emotions through visual storytelling. These skills were on full display during her final project at Dwight —  Zoe's film about saying goodbye left a lasting impact on viewers during the IB DP Film Showcase, powerfully stirring genuine emotions in her audience.

“Seeing how the emotion that I wanted to provoke was provoked in people I don't know, by people whose kids I don't know at all, that was definitely my biggest accomplishment at Dwight,” said Zoe.

It was a truly poignant moment for Zoe, who had built up her filmmaking skills — along with debate, Model UN, and basketball — since coming to Dwight in grade 9. These passions were all amplified by the supportive community of Dwight’s students and teachers. The school's international perspective also enriched her understanding of storytelling, allowing her to see the world through diverse lenses.

Zoe's journey into filmmaking began when, after taking two years of Digital Media, Film Teacher Kevin Rosenberg suggested she take HL Film in grade 11. This simple suggestion was the spark for fueling her transformation into an emotionally moving filmmaker. Her final bow at the Showcase marked the culmination of her remarkable journey — writing, shooting, directing, and editing her own films.

"I really like to use filmmaking as a craft,” Zoe said, “to really look at the cinematography and mise-en-scéne of a film. And that's everything you see on screen. It's the colors used in the background that help portray a character's feelings."

Zoe’s film craft was significantly influenced by Mr. Rosenberg. He created a space where she could freely express her love for film, offering an open and supportive classroom environment that truly fueled her passion.

"Teaching Zoe for the last four years has been incredibly rewarding.” Mr. Rosenberg emphasized. “Her filmic literacy grew remarkably, influenced by the French New Wave and auteurs like Coppola and Linklater, leading her to develop a distinctive style that beautifully integrates still photography."

Just as she fell into filmmaking, Zoe was introduced to debate by her Dwight friends and teachers. Though she joined hesitantly, she eventually progressed to leading as the debate captain.

"If you ask any of my teachers or friends, they'll all say I'm very argumentative, and I like to talk a lot. But, I was unsure about joining debate at first." Zoe acknowledged. “But our coach, Mr. [Shane] Hansen, convinced me in junior year. I instantly fell in love with it and wished I'd joined in freshman year!”

After being inspired by her supportive Dwight community, she then formed a supportive community of her own around debate, even renaming it "Debate Club" to foster a more inclusive atmosphere. The fiery debates in which Zoe partook garnered great appreciation from her peers — made even more special by taking first place at the East Coast High Schools Public Debate Program’s Second Meet last year with her debate partner and friend, Kumayl Badami ’24.

"I love being able to have those 'gotcha' moments with my friend, Kumayl, then going up to the stand and knowing that I’m tearing down my opponent. When we were given the trophy for the number one team….I really loved that moment." said Zoe.

Whether winning in debate or basketball, or crafting emotionally driven films, Zoe spent four extremely fulfilling years at Dwight. But her greatest fulfillment came from the unwavering support she was given for all her pursuits from her teachers, including her Quest teacher, Amanda Katagiri.

"Ms. Katagiri has helped me so much,” said Zoe. “Balancing being debate captain and then all the other extracurriculars I do with my IB classes was so hard. But, having that extra support and also having such an amazing Quest teacher like Ms. Katagiri has really helped."

Now, Zoe's experiences at Dwight have prepared her for her next chapter at Brandeis University, where she plans to major in film and minor in international relations — a passion that sprang from being part of the international community at Dwight and developing a knack for global politics here, through Model UN.

Looking ahead as a filmmaker, Zoe envisions creating character-driven, coming-of-age films that resonate with young audiences. Specifically, she aims to portray girls' experiences authentically and relatably. Her vision reflects her commitment to storytelling that transcends boundaries and inspires meaningful connections.

"It is bittersweet to see Zoe graduate,” said Mr. Rosenberg. “Her progress has been remarkable, and I will miss her energy and enthusiasm. I am thrilled she has found a genuine passion for film and hope she'll stay in touch with the Dwight community."

As she embarks on new adventures, her creative spirit and determination are sure to leave a lasting legacy of cinema for audiences around the world.

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The Curtain Closes on a Successful Spring Musical — and Dwight’s Theater Seniors

After the lights came up at the final performance of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods, this year’s energetic, charming, and comedic Mainstage Spring Theater Production, the audience witnessed a tradition with a twist.

After the final show, it is tradition that each senior, for whom this Dwight production will be their last, says a few words. The twist this year — there were a dozen seniors who said goodbye — a larger number by far than in any recent years.

It was a fitting moment for a play whose themes delve often into the meaning of life, with seniors taking a moment to pause and reflect on what has been and what will be, and with underclassmen also looking to a bright future as they take on the mantle left by such a wide range of seniors. This, after successfully coming together to tackle Sondheim’s notoriously difficult play, in which musical number after musical number happens at a lightning-fast pace, with very little dialogue in between.

“I think as we got closer to the performances, it suddenly became clear how many seniors were in the cast,” said Mac Glason ’25, who played Rapunzel, ”We really had that energy of ‘we want to put on a good last show for them,’ and we started to work together more and I feel like it all came together. It’s like one big family — I have a fond memory of the work we did, and I’m very proud of it.”

Into the Woods is a twist on the favorite fairy tales of childhood, known by children and adults alike, but with a fresh take on what happens when they meet in odd and unexpected ways in the woods. Cinderella, Little Red, the Wolf, Jack and his beanstalk, the Witch, the Baker, and more, suddenly find themselves caught up in the midst of a slightly sinister adventure.

Says Terrence Christgau, who directed the play along with Colleen Durham, “This play doesn’t answer questions, it provokes more questions and ideally brings the audience to a state of wonder. In the best case scenario, Into the Woods doesn’t teach us things about wolves and witches so much as it teaches us things about ourselves.”

The audience was drawn in by the music and lyrics of Stephen Sondheim, book of James Lapine, and in the Mainstage Production, dynamic acting and singing, colorful and fun costumes, sparse but interesting props, and fantastic lighting and sound effects. Since February, the keen ensemble of actors, stage managers, and crew gathered together and put their heart and soul into this production to bring it fully to life, and highlight the themes of longing, revenge, fantasy versus reality, and, most of all, being careful about what you wish for.

“It’s a monumental piece of work we do every year,” said Mr. Christgau. “The cast goes through a long audition process, and some members of the crew start right away with the first rehearsals, stage managing, taking notes, learning about the flow of the props and the scenery. I think this is what creates the feeling of a family many students speak about. It creates a lasting bond.”

We won’t give away the complex and rich ending of the play, but we can say that the seniors’ time at Dwight came to a poignant end — with each stepping forward to expound upon, at times with tears, what it’s been like to be part of such an amazing community, how much they’ll be bolstered in their futures by what they’ve learned in the Theater Program and, more importantly, from whom they learned it — from one another, and from Mr. Christgau, Ms. Durham, and Musical Director Brandon Fillette, who was hired for the first time last year for the musical, Gypsy.

“It’s such a sadness to see all the seniors I’ve built such connections with over this show all go, all at once!” said Willem Kraaijeveld ’27, who played Jack. “But, I’m so excited to see what they do in the future, and I know I’m going to be in close contact with some of the seniors.”

As for the upperclassmen left to hold the mantle of theater high in the wake of such a large and glorious exit…

“The future is bright for everybody,” says Willem.

You can view the Into the Woods program here.

A full performance of Into the Woods can be viewed here.

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Why the IB?

Dwight’s inspiring faculty encourage students to believe in their own talents, pursue their passions, and take intellectual risks through the IB. No other curriculum fits better with our mission of igniting the spark of genius in every child — and vision of educating critical thinkers and innovative global leaders. The academic breadth and depth of the IB are simply unparalleled, which is why it is recognized worldwide as the “gold standard” in college preparation.