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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We have a responsibility to provide a safe and welcoming environment in which everyone is valued, can thrive, and is able to bring their authentic selves to school every day. Community members have bravely spoken of discrimination and bias they have experienced within our institution. We must acknowledge and confront these realities to create lasting change. We are committed to doing better. We are taking demonstrative actions as we strive to be an anti-racist and unbiased institution.


Our DEI and anti-racism work is grounded in our mission as an International Baccalaureate School of developing inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring individuals; and

  • the belief that we have a deep appreciation for the dignity of fellow community members,
  • an understanding of differing identities and experiences,
  • empathy for one another, and
  • the ability to engage and listen with respect across differences.


Our School’s community is enriched by our members’ varying backgrounds and we strive to celebrate and value what makes each person unique. We seek, with determination and persistence, to dismantle systems of discrimination and bias within our community.

In Practice

As we work to reframe our curriculum across all grades, we aim to:

  • Develop awareness of individual identities and value those of others, and to recognize how our identities have an effect on our life experiences
  • Engage students to think critically about race, racism, biases, and systemic oppression
  • Invite students to reflect on the role they and others can play in combating inequality and engaging in productive dialogue with those around them

Moving curriculum reform to the forefront and consistently enhancing practices will ensure that our students will:

  • Learn to communicate across differences
  • Respect commonalities among identities
  • Challenge stereotypes 
  • Become socially responsible

Strategic Plan

Read our DEI Strategic Plan.


DEI Board Members

  • Halle Bauer, Upper School History Teacher 
  • Beth Carey, Director of Admissions, Grades K-8 
  • Moira Chouaf, Annual Fund Director
  • Bjorn de Carro, Parent
  • Darly Corniel, Parent
  • Niesha Foster, Parent
  • Amelia Gayle '23, Student
  • Alisha Giampola, Small Wonder Teacher

  • Maribell Guerrero, Lower School Teacher
  • Jeff Huart, Parent
  • Sukrit Puri '12, Alumnus
  • Shamim Rashid-Sumar, Parent
  • Michelle Streck, Parent
  • Karen Suazo, Human Resources Director
  • James Warren ’91, Alumnus