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A Closer Look at Student Innovations

With so much to share at Maker Faire 2015, Dwight drew many visitors to our School's booth entitled "Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship" over the course of the two-day event at the New York Hall of Science, which we chronicled here.

Dwight's booth was buzzing with activity and students were delighted to showcase their creativity and ingenuity; specifically, how they use the IB Design Cycle to draw up plans and design innovative products and solutions for real-world problems. Here are some of the projects they displayed and demonstrated:

  • 3D-printed balloon-powered toy cars designed by eighth graders in their Design course: Students researched the types of toys that younger children like and then used Autodesk TinkerCad to 3D model toys with holes for axles and wheels, and an air passage for balloon propulsion. These were a big hit with their target audience, including elementary school children and their parents!
  • 3D-printed consumer products crafted by tenth graders in their Design course: Students were challenged to solve problems close to home by using 3D printing. They learned 3D-modeling computer programs to design a range of things, from desk organizers, games, iPhone cases and accessories, to household and personal care items.
  • Laser-cut and laser-engraved wooden jewelry boxes designed by eleventh graders the IB Design Technology course: Students designed these with original shapes and artwork, and different closing-lid solutions. They used 2D-drawing computer programs to create plans for laser-cutting and assembling their boxes; and they left many attendees hoping to take one home ― sounds like a wonderful entrepreneurial opportunity.
  • Laser-cut and 3D-printed projects designed by current seniors ― as well as recent grads ― in their Design Technology course: Students researched a problem of their own choosing, then designed and manufactured a solution. They were charged with documenting the stages of the IB Design Cycle and submitted their major projects for evaluation by outside IB moderators. Some of them include an ergonomic school chair, modular coffee tables with storage, a changeable surfboard fin, a science kit that helps children learn about gears and electricity, and more.

We can't wait to see what innovations our students will come up with next!