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Grade 11 Students Shine During the Theory of Knowledge Exhibition 

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) program, a key component of the IB curriculum, offers students a distinctive opportunity to explore the development and validation of knowledge in real-world contexts.

The TOK program encourages students to reflect on their values, perspectives, and understanding from various viewpoints, aligning perfectly with Dwight's aim of igniting a Spark of Genius in every student. By examining different perspectives, students grow as individuals and explore their own strengths.

The culmination of the program is the TOK Exhibition, an event that showcases students' ability to connect abstract concepts to tangible real-world items. The driving force behind this insightful event at Dwight is Aysin Christensen, the TOK Teacher and Coordinator, who creates an environment where students are encouraged to explore, question, and reflect.

The structure of the TOK Exhibition revolves around Internal Assessment (IA) prompts—35 high-level knowledge questions provided by the International Baccalaureate (IB). Students choose one prompt and create an exhibition featuring three objects that relate to their selected question. These prompts cover a wide range of inquiries, such as "What counts as knowledge?" and "To what extent is certainty attainable?" The challenge for students is to select objects that not only illustrate their chosen prompt, but also foster a deeper understanding of the knowledge issues involved.

"Students embark on a journey to explore how TOK concepts manifest in the world around them," Ms. Christensen said. "This process is integral to making interdisciplinary connections between the real world and their Diploma Program (DP) subjects. By engaging with these prompts, students enhance their critical thinking skills and gain a broader perspective on how knowledge is constructed."

The TOK Exhibition at Dwight provides students with a profound opportunity to engage with complex questions and connect their academic studies to the world around them. This event showcases their understanding of TOK concepts and highlights the value of the IB curriculum in fostering critical thinking and lifelong learning. 

The TOK Exhibition is part of a broader continuum of assessment-based showcases within the IB curriculum. Through such initiatives, students are empowered to explore their strengths and ignite their sparks of genius.