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Spring Lions End the Year Strong with League Championships Galore!

With one playoff championship title, three regular-season championship titles, four NYSAIS appearances, and six league playoff appearances, our Dwight Lions definitely made their mark this Spring!

Read all about their success below.

Boys Varsity Volleyball Champions

Boys Varsity Volleyball | Coaches Tiam Chuck, Jan Gallao, and Cam Pangalangan
It was truly a memorable season for our Lions, as they finished with a 15-2 record. Their notable achievements, which reflected their talent and determination, include winning both the ISAL League and playoff championship titles!

This year’s roster had doubled in size from last year, totaling 18 players, which can be challenging, but they came together as one big family united by a common goal. "Being able to create a safe and enjoyable space for students from different backgrounds to collaborate and work towards a shared objective is truly a wonderful experience," says Coach Tiam Chuck, known among students as Coach T.

One of the most exciting moments of the season was when the team found themselves one point away from losing a set against their rivals, Brooklyn Friends. Despite being down 18-24, they never gave up and showed incredible resilience and teamwork, ultimately winning the set 28-26. Impressively, the team successfully executed a 6-2 offense, a complex strategy typically utilized by older, more experienced teams. This was notable, as the team of mostly younger athletes has only been around for two seasons, and resulted in their becoming league champs. They also earned the #4 seed in NYSAIS, which is another marvelous accomplishment for such a new program.

Several players stood out throughout the season. Tom Ifrah '24 showcased undeniable presence on the court, establishing himself as one of the best players in the league. Daniel Barschdorff '24 embraced a new position and displayed commitment to constant improvement, delivering powerful swings and consistent serves under pressure. Daniel Born de Andres '26 and Ethan Cortez '24 proved to be crucial setters, seamlessly transitioning defensive plays into offensive opportunities while also contributing as strong servers. Zach Wolf '25 left his mark with consistent blocks, aggressive swings, and well-placed serves, showcasing his skills and impact. Alex Gingold '27 played a vital role in the team's defense, consistently keeping the ball in play and executing offensive plays in the back row, while also serving aggressively when needed.

The team's success sets the foundation for a promising future and everyone is excited about what is yet to come.

Girls Varsity Tennis

Girls Varsity Tennis | Coach Stefania Sidoli
At the beginning of the season, the 15 students on the team had never played together. However, they quickly came together with a shared goal in mind and worked diligently to achieve it. Their commitment and unity were key factors in their success, leading our Lions to earn the #1 seed as the undefeated ISAL team!

Several student-athletes made notable contributions on the court throughout the season. Captains Vanessa Greenwald '25 and Evelyn Sargsyan '25 played a crucial role as dedicated leaders and worked closely with fellow teammates. They ensured that everyone felt included and valued; their leadership and dedication fostered a sense of camaraderie and togetherness. 

Penny Binn '24, the team manager, played an essential role in organizing team bonding events and providing positive support at every game, adding to a positive and cohesive team environment. Gabriela Finchelstein '26 stood out for her determination, grit, and hard work on the court. Her laser-focused goal of winning and professional approach to the game served as an inspiration to her teammates and to those watching. 

Vanessa says, "We had a common goal to win, and that's what we did" — and with that the team looks forward to reclaiming the title of League champions next season!

Boys Varsity Tennis

Boys Varsity Tennis | Coaches: Michael Horvath and Roxanne LaRaia
The Boys Varsity Tennis team faced numerous challenges throughout the season, but managed to come together and achieve great success. The initial hurdle they encountered was an incredibly demanding competition schedule, which included back-to-back matches each week. This posed a daunting task for the team, but they approached it with determination and a strong work ethic.

Our Lions went on to achieve an undefeated record in the ISAL, demonstrating their dominance. Julian Vasquez ’23, who played in the first singles spot, commanded the court, making his wins for the team look effortless; while Jack Koczan ’23 and Maximo Handal ’24, at first in doubles kept the energy up, also securing wins with their great teamwork. In their last game of the season against French-American School of New York (FASNY), the team had to rally together against strong opposition to capture their final win, which all came down to the third doubles team of Jonah Pintoff '25 and Alex Hirnigel '27. Their quick thinking and perseverance culminated in an impressive victory as they claimed the ISAL championship.

Girls Varsity Softball

Varsity Softball | Coaches Anthony Rodriguez and Juliette Polis 
Our Varsity Softball team had a great season and made it to the ISAL semi-finals, securing a second-place finish and demonstrating how far they have come in just four years since they first took up a bat. These Lions rallied together and covered the positions admirably, granting them a regular record of 5-2. 

One memorable moment came in the game against LREI when Lulu Deyer '25 made a noteworthy play that stopped the last run from tying the game. It was the final out of the inning, concluding an intense three-hour match-up. Lulu's play secured a win and marked the team's first victory in the league, showcasing the resilience and skill the girls possessed. They put in the hard work during practice and it showed with an impressive tally of ten home runs, including two grand slams. In the championship game, pitcher Darby London '25 delivered over 12 strikeouts, highlighting her prowess on the mound. Additionally, the team scored an impressive total of 133 RBIs throughout the season. 

Coach Rodriguez reports that Mica Quelle '23 owned the catcher’s position, providing a solid and reliable presence behind home plate. Erica Frenette '23 showcased her exceptional skills at first base, Darby London '25, a true powerhouse, proved to be both a formidable pitcher and the best hitter in the league. Finally, Zander Bradley '26, a talented ninth grader, stepped up and excelled at second base, demonstrating not only skill, but also smart decision-making and effective communication with the team. 

The memories and achievements from this season will undoubtedly be cherished by everyone involved and the team will be looking to claim the championship title next time.

Boys Varsity Baseball

Varsity Baseball | Coaches Ted Belcher and Jonathan Ascher
Our Lions finished the season with a 6-2 record and secured the third place spot in the ISAL standings. The team faced their biggest challenge after their first loss, which dealt a blow to their morale. However, they quickly regrouped and refocused, putting in the hard work and determination necessary to bounce back. 

Among the season’s most memorable moments was when Max Schoenfeld '25, the team's ace pitcher, was on the mound. He displayed incredible skill and precision, throwing an impressive 66 strikeouts over 33 innings. Max’s pitching prowess was a sight to behold and a true asset to the team. 

Several other players also made notable contributions throughout the season for their batting abilities. Team Captain Oliver Teitelbaum '23 showcased leadership both on and off the field, ending the season with a batting average of .240 and 3 RBIs. Michael Kolodny '23, known as the team's hype-man, finished with a batting average of .300 and 6 RBIs. Harry Litman '23 stood out with outstanding batting statistics, ending the season with an amazing batting average of .545 and an impressive on base percentage of .643. 

The team is confident in their abilities and determined to win the ISAL championship next year.

Boys Varsity Rugby

Varsity Rugby | Coaches: Heidi Rubenstein, Adam Higgins, and Arnold Chavis
Despite finishing with a record of 2-4, our Lions’ performance was praiseworthy, as they secured second place in the MET NY DII league standings out of four teams.

The team rallied together and remained united and supportive of one another when key players were out with injuries. They demonstrated incredible strength, both physically and mentally, as they faced and overcame challenges as a tight-knit unit. Players stepped up and embraced new positions, highlighting their adaptability and commitment to the team’s success. 

Among the most cherished memories of the season was the week the team spent together on their training trip to Ireland over Spring break — this unforgettable experience provided an opportunity for the players to bond on a deeper level by immersing themselves in a new culture and creating lifelong memories. This ultimately translated into a memorable send-off game for seniors, where a majority of them scored points, culminating in an impressive 57-0 victory vs. Brooklyn Tech. 

Coach Rubenstein praises Ollie Bartlett '23, the Captain and season high scorer, for showcasing exceptional leadership and receiving the All-league Award. Jonah Saltzman '23, the Vice Captain, displayed outstanding leadership on and off the pitch, serving as a role model for his teammates. They, together with fellow seniors Jacobo Bustos, Tristan Fraley, Jason Hernandez-Lopez, Adam Kaplan, Abdalla Mogeh, Hugo Murray, Brennan So, Dev Banerji, and Xuan Stabb, will all be missed as standout players and for their many contributions to the program.

Varsity Golf

Varsity Golf | Coach Max Aken-Tyers
This year, the Varsity Golf team had great success as they secured the runner-up position in the regular ISAL standings and playoffs, with a few players also qualifying for NYSAIS.

Coach Aken-Tyers shares how thrilled he was by the incredible achievement of Ryan Berkowitz '23, who astounded everyone by getting a remarkable hole in one at the NYSAIS tournament. This unforgettable moment not only showcased Ryan's individual talent, but also served as a source of inspiration for others and was a great way for a senior to end the year.

Throughout the season, our Lions displayed an astonishing level of confidence, skill, and maturity, which were evident in notable victories, such as defeating Leman in the ISAL semi-finals. Standout players like Ryan Berkowitz '23, Enrico Hoover '23, and Ben O'Connor '23 played a significant role in the team's success, consistently delivering impressive performances, and contributing to the team's overall strength.

Varsity Track & Field

Varsity Track & Field | Coaches: Doug Sklar, Holly Nohavitza, Undine Groeger, and Corey Butcher
Making it to the finish line in the regular ISAL standings with the girls' team finishing third, while the boys' team finished fifth is our Varsity Track and Field team. Together, their efforts resulted in a third-place finish overall in the league, as well as some of our Lions being eligible to compete in the NYSAIS competition!

What stood out about this season was the consistent progress of athletes, who showed up with genuine effort and desire to become the best versions of themselves. Their commitment and hard work were evident in their performances and personal growth. 

The coaches would like to recognize Jack Yoon '23 for his contributions of energy and enthusiasm throughout his Track & Field career. Even when unable to participate, Jack consistently demonstrated loyalty to his teammates by being present and cheering them on. Additionally, some students achieved personal bests throughout the season: Ana Figaredo '25 with a new personal record of 11:47:52 in the Girls 3000m, Andrea Pennisi with 1:45:00 in the 800m, and Jamie Knox '25 with a time of 10:37.71 in the 3200m. The coaches would also like to recognize the exceptional leadership of Captains Alma Laufer Barhad '25, who has done great in the long jump, Ia Utmelidze '25, Maria Arutyunyan '25, and Andrea, all of whom kept the pace in runs, ranging from 800-3200m. They excelled in leading team warm-ups and activities that built camaraderie.

With many memorable moments and outstanding results, the coaches look forward to seeing how the team continues to roar next year. 

Middle School Track & Field

Middle School Track & Field | Coaches: Doug Sklar, Holly Nohavitza, Undine Groeger, and Corey Butcher    
Our Middle School Track & Field season was one of growth for our younger Lions. One standout moment was when Astrid Brinzer '27 gave her all during the 800 and 1500 meter races, displaying determination and perseverance. As she ran, she screamed with excitement and motivation, fueling her performance and inspiring those around her. Astrid ended the season with four medals around her neck from multiple events in the ISAL championship meet and one from ACIS! She will move up to our Varsity team next year, as her teammates also look forward to making strides next season.

Congratulations to all of our hard-working Lions, who have a well-deserved summer break coming up soon. We’ll see our returning student-athletes refreshed and ready for next fall’s preseason before you know it!