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Lower School

Welcome to Dwight Lower School!

I look forward to greeting our students each morning. Arrival is an important moment, providing the opportunity to  connect and set the tone for our day. Students always bring confident smiles, reflecting their readiness to soak up the engaging learning that awaits them.

As the first school in New York City to offer the IB Primary Years Program, Dwight is on the forefront of inquiry-based elementary education, where students have a voice in their own learning. They are open-minded and eager to develop their curiosity, research, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and self-management skills. They explore concepts and world issues through the lens of broad courses of study, such as “Where We Are in Place and Time” and “How We Express Ourselves.” Our holistic approach ensures that we teach to the “head and heart” of each child, while personalizing their journey through a variety of experiences within and beyond the classroom. We are committed to creating an environment to ignite the spark of genius in every child — we identify and nourish the talents and passions of each student and seek ways to fold these into classroom experiences. When learning ties directly to a student's personal interests, their engagement is dramatically more meaningful and their achievement more significant.

As taking risks and exploring the world with an open mind is part of becoming a global citizen, we’re thrilled that our fifth graders participate in a reciprocal exchange with Dwight School London, marking the first of many cross-campus opportunities where they broaden their worldview and forge friendships with peers in our global family.

We’re delighted to see our students excited by the many innovative and unique experiences they have to think deeply, to activate their personal creativity, and to energize their independent and entrepreneurial spirit on campus and worldwide.

We invite you to visit our warm and supportive classrooms — and to meet our exceptional faculty and staff dedicated to igniting the spark of genius in every child!

Delphine Michaud | Head of Lower School

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