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Middle School

Welcome to Dwight Middle School!

Middle School years are a time of incredible emotional, social, and academic growth and maturation. Through the IB Middle Years program at Dwight, students manage newfound responsibility and independence both during and after the school day. Within our classrooms, students are thinking critically and applying their knowledge to the world around them. Beyond the classroom, they have countless opportunities to join athletic teams, participate in theater productions, bring novel ideas to Dwight’s Spark Tank incubator, and enroll in a robust offering of daily after-school activities daily.

As students advance through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program at our New York campus, they excel and develop as lifelong learners before continuing their education in Dwight’s Upper School. We recognize that no two students are the same, and each one takes a different journey. As part of our commitment to personalized learning, we tailor our Middle School courses to ensure that each individual student can grow and develop their communication, organization, collaboration, self-management, and research skills. 

At our independent middle school, we are thrilled to see our students’ enthusiasm, as they walk into the building each morning and as they transition into all of their classes throughout the school day. Feel free to come see our fantastic program in action or learn more about the Middle School application process.

Ron Posner | Head of Middle School

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