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Quest Learning Support

What Is Quest?

Dwight has proudly offered the Quest Program for almost 50 years. It evolved from Oxford University’s tutorial mentorship model and combines research-based special education pedagogy with the creativity of design thinking. Quest provides students with strength-based and innovative one-on-one academic and organizational training. 

While the program is designed to help students with learning differences succeed in the rigorous Dwight curriculum, we have integrated Quest support services into the School to benefit all types of learners. The goal of Quest is to provide the structure and expertise of trained educators to maximize every student’s academic potential.

Guide to Quest Program for Learning Support

Quest Across Dwight

Quest to Learn Lower School: Grades 1-8

In Lower Quest, our teachers are all trained learning specialists with extensive backgrounds in special education. They are experts in working with students with learning differences, and most Lower School Quest teachers work solely in the Quest program.

Students in Lower Quest are required to have a psychoeducational evaluation or an IEP. 

Quest to Learn Upper School: Grades 9-12

A number of Quest students in the upper grades come to us from full special education-setting schools. These students are now ready for mainstream school, but require the support of Quest to be successful at Dwight.

Upper Quest teachers have backgrounds in all disciplines and support students with Dwight’s high-level curriculum across a wide range of subjects. Many also teach classes in their specific area of expertise. All of our Quest teachers are required to participate in Dwight's special education professional development, and the majority have a strong working background in special education and learning differences.

Students in Upper Quest are not required to have an educational evaluation or an IEP, though most do.


Quest is far more than academic support. Our program combines the convenience and reliability of on-site support with the efficiency of Dwight teachers well-versed in our culture, curriculum, and program expectations.

Why Choose Quest Over Private Tutoring?

Quest provides a level of individualized attention and comprehensive support to students that tutoring simply cannot.

Quest is, in fact, much more than tutoring and offers many unique advantages. 


  • Connected with a student’s teachers and administrators on a daily basis
  • Well-versed in the IB curriculum 
  • Knowledgeable of Dwight-specific assignments and expectations
  • Informed, caring, expert mentors for students
  • Experts in specific fields of study at Dwight


  • Maintain active communication with families
  • Initiate ongoing communication with classroom teachers 
  • Know the expectations of each student’s individual program of study
  • Help students navigate specific situations that pose a challenge in school
Teacher and students in Quest program

Who Are Quest Students?

In any random sample of students, their educational needs will be diverse. Quest students at Dwight are no different. They have a variety of learning styles, strengths, and backgrounds in different grades. Some begin their education at Dwight, some come from special education schools and are ready for a more inclusive education, while others have come from mainstream schools where they struggled with the curriculum. Quest students are able to succeed in a mainstream school with a rigorous curriculum from Quest.

Dwight’s Quest Program is designed to help two types of students. The first are students whose learning issues were diagnosed early in their schooling. These students often come from a full special education setting and have received support throughout their school careers. The second type of student has progressed through Lower and Middle Schools without solidifying their basic skills set.


Lisa Schoenfeld, Head of Lower Quest