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A Message from Our Chancellor and Vice Chancellor

Dwight Schools are renowned internationally for providing students with a world-class education. Each School is a recognized leader in its home country ― collectively, our network is a powerhouse on the forefront of the International Baccalaureate and global education.
With a culture of innovation, a diverse and dedicated faculty of IB experts, and singular mission to ignite the spark of genius in every child, Dwight Schools stand apart. Further distinguishing our network is an illustrious history dating back to 1872 when Dwight was founded in New York City, numerous pioneering firsts, and a three-generation legacy of family leadership.
We draw on these strengths across all of our seven campuses, where we customize the educational journey for each student based on their talents and passions. We empower them to pursue whatever captures their mind, spirit, body, or imagination ― and inspire them to believe that anything is possible. As we guide and support students on their individual IB trajectories and admission to top colleges and universities internationally, we also prepare them to succeed in the ever-changing working world.

While students travel their own path, they have opportunities to connect with peers at other Dwight Schools who share their interests through any number of trips and exchanges. They join in cross-campus cultural, curricular, and extracurricular collaborations, introducing them to new friends, perspectives, and experiences. The world is literally at our students’ feet ― and we couldn’t be more delighted to offer them a global passport to learning.
Stephen Spahn | Chancellor                                   Blake Spahn | Vice Chancellor