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Dwight’s Sparking Genius Podcast Ranks in Top 1% of all Education Podcasts

Three episodes have been released, with topics ranging from what exactly a “spark of genius” is, to a deep dive into the International Baccalaureate, to the power of online learning unlocked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Three more episodes are planned in the coming months. 

On Sparking Genius, host Dianne Drew —also Dwight’s Global Director of Education and Head of Dwight New York — sits down with education leaders and innovative thinkers from the global network of Dwight Schools and beyond to explore what the future of education holds. 

“We started this series with the Dwight education philosophy firmly at the foundation,” says Dianne. “But have expanded outward to touch on topics of universal relevance to all schools. Anyone who has an interest in education, and children’s development and well-being, would enjoy a listen — educators and parents alike.”

Sparking Genius dives into the most cutting-edge topics, to hear firsthand how new strategies and fresh perspectives can inspire and enlighten students like never before. As the world changes with each passing day, so does the field of education —Sparking Genius looks ahead to the coming years and the many ways that learning innovations can continue to be integrated into systems of education, all while discovering incredible advancements that will benefit the next generations of students.

Since premiering on all podcasting platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, Sparking Genius has garnered 5-star ratings and is in the Top 1% of podcasts in both the categories of Education and Technology.

Dwight’s successful new podcast is just one of many ways that Dwight continues to pioneer in the field of education — and yet another exciting next step forward in its history of leading the way in education.

“This is such a thrilling project for Dwight, as it really highlights our thought leadership in the industry,” says Dianne. “And, as an added bonus, I get to sit down with some of the sharpest minds in education and have really insightful conversations that our extended education community can learn from.”

Listeners can play episodes of Sparking Genius directly on the Dwight Global Network website, or subscribe on their favorite platform. 

New episodes will be released mid-month, starting with a deep dive into Social Emotional Learning in February.