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Fostering Global Citizenship Through International Education

Host Dianne Drew explores the remarkable growth and impact of the international school market with Brantley Turner, Dwight East Asia Education Director and Head of Dwight Hanoi, on the latest Sparking Genius podcast.

Brantley Turner grew up an international student before becoming a parent and leader in the marketplace, so she knows first-hand, and from many angles, the transformative benefits of international schooling for children. 

“I believe a significant part of our students' growth comes from the profound impact of real diversity within the international experience,” Brantley explains “Even in situations where the majority of passport holders at a school hail from one place, exposure to ideas transcending those boundaries offers a unique opportunity to ignite new perspectives and discoveries within students.” 

The IB curriculum found at Dwight fosters the perfect environment for these new perspectives and discoveries because it embraces diversity and authentic self-expression. Brantley reflected on why it is regarded as the “gold standard of global education.”

“The IB’s widespread adoption in international schools worldwide over the past decades speaks volumes about its efficacy in preparing students for higher education,” said Brantley “The rigor of its curriculum not only challenges students academically, but also fosters critical and independent thinking.”

In addition to embracing the IB’s (and Dwight’s) strong curriculum, she encourages administrators, teachers, and parents to strengthen their intercultural competence, and create spaces where individuals can express themselves authentically.

"One of my favorite things to say when discussing global citizenship,” Brantley stated, “is that it revolves around two key attributes: global confidence and global competence. As a parent and educator, our goal is for children to enter the world with confidence, devoid of arrogance or judgment, ready to face challenges and interact with diverse views and perspectives." 

These insights from Brantley, along with conversations on the expanding international school market in Asia, supporting educators who decide to teach abroad, understanding the universal needs of parents around the globe, and much more can be found directly on the Dwight Global Network website, or wherever listeners enjoy their favorite podcasts.